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Teaching is one of the oldest, noblest professions ever; as long as man has had a thirst for knowledge, teachers have always been there to impart it. Nowadays, teachers continue to play a vital role in imparting skills and knowledge to students. If you are out there and are considering training to become a teacher, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. In other words, there are a few skills that will be required of you;

  1. Passion; one of the top requirements in order to become a teacher is passion. Passion means a willingness to perform a task not just for the money, but because it satisfies you. If you frequently find yourself visualizing yourself as a teacher, then chances are that you have the passion.
  2. Patience; teaching requires patience; your students may now always grasp things as fast as you wish. Have the patience to understand and help each student.
  3. Calm nature; it is very easy to be frustrated or upset in the line of duty as a teacher. Students not completing their homework, others intentionally provoking you especially teens and adolescents, to mention but a few. Yet, you should always maintain your cool in all situations.
  4. Jovial spirit; great teachers are easy spirits; they are able to make all students feel welcome and appreciated. Make jokes or vivid examples to keep your students always alert.
  5. Willing to be taught; no teacher knows everything there is to know. While teaching, you should also be open to learning new things, to look at things from different perspectives. Some of the greatest teachers who ever lived are those that continually kept on taking in new knowledge.


With the above 5 tips, you have what it takes to become a great and respected teacher.

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