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We are very keen on publishing your reviews of anything you use online as an educator.

Whether it’s certain apps or digital tools – share your knowledge and opinion as well as useful tips on how to make the most of them in education.

Review any learning apps for any age group, even for adults! There are so many language learning apps or geography, history, mathematics and more subject-related apps out there and it’s hard to know which ones are of high quality.

Digital assessment tools are becoming more important in education and the market is growing with more emerging. If your school, college or university use any digital assessment tools to track student progress such as Socrative or Infuse Learning, feel free to share your experience with these.

You can add useful screenshots or short videos to your reviews and we will publish your author link for your online profile, blog or website. If you opt to become an author with us, you will then receive a full profile, which shows on all your publications.

To offer our readers the best possible advice and insight, please make sure your reviews contain the following points:

  • what is the main purpose of it?
  • what are its main features?
  • how and where can it be used?
  • what are its benefits?
  • what are its downsides?
  • why do you recommend it?


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