How Schools Can Prepare Students Best for Information Technology Jobs and Careers?

Time and time again we have seen countless jobs get replaced by technological advancements with each revolution. Here we discuss how can schools prepare...

Why Should Job Seekers Use Executive Recruiters to Job Hunt?

With millions of graduates looking for jobs, chances of landing a job are getting slimmer by the day. Graduate employment rates in the UK have...
Fourth Industrial Revolution

Digital Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Which Countries are Best Preparing Students...

Through the last century, the world has evolved by leaps and bounds. This decade is deemed to be turning point of the Fourth Industrial Revolution....
Choosing a Career Path

Career Advice – Avoid these 3 Common Mistakes when Choosing a Career Path

For some, choosing a future career is simple, and they might have a clear idea of what they want to do now and for...

4 Best Online Courses for Business Students

The business world is constantly changing and adapting to new ideas and innovations, which is why it’s so important to always stay ahead. Continuing your...

How to Ace a Virtual Job Interview

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses were forced to modify their operations and recruitment or job interviewing strategies. Fortunately, technological advancements meant...
How to Make A Start As A Mobile App Developer as a Student

How to Make A Start As A Mobile App Developer as a Student?

Whatever way you look at everyday life, you must be experiencing the massive impact of mobility and technology. Yes, mobile apps transform our lives beyond...
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