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What is a Media Release ?

Compared with the standard press release, a media release includes media such as images, logos, videos, social media posts and clickable hyperlinks that readers can engage with. This increases the engagement rate, makes the release more interactive and drives more leads to the dedicated channels you’d like to target. A media release is the more effective PR publication in the digital space as it also links in with SEO and social media marketing. As readers engage with news content more on their mobile devices, making content interactive and engaging with different media makes your content stand out more.

When do I need a Media Release?

Just as with a press or news release, a media release can be utilised to share your latest developments and events. In addition, it can be used to attract more people to your website, social channels or streaming platforms for example by adding videos, social posts and hyperlinks that readers can interact with. This offers the opportunity to create more awareness of everything you do online and connect it in one place.

Business Announcements & News

Business Events & Features

Newly released Children’s Book "The PhilosoCats" invites you to discuss Philosophy daily with Children
SeekaHost returns to Insomnia Gaming Festival rewarding competitive Minecraft Gamers with Cash among 40,000 visitors
MEIF Investment Promotes Exponential Growth for Education Recruitment Service The Supply Register
Not-so-fresh air: almost three in four UK classrooms have ‘below standard’ air quality
Recruiter Donation Aims To ‘Develop’ The STEM Careers Of Local School Children
London School Leavers Benefit From Free Hospitality Training With An Industry-Leading Summer School Programme

What are the main Features of a Media Release?


– Includes quotes, statements, media coverage from other channels etc. and with unique content is likely to be indexed on search engines

– Contains interactive media sources such as videos, images/infographics/logos, embedded social media posts and clickable hyperlinks

– Can be branded by interlinking different websites, social and streaming channels, interactive content such as videos and more upon individual requests


Early Years & Key Stage 1 Staff in London offered free ‘Catch Up®‘ Numeracy & Literacy Training worth over £1200
iSpring Solutions Inc. launches Quiz Maker 11

Advantages of a Media Release?

A media release offers plentiful opportunities to position your business or brand more effectively by providing its readers with more interactive digital elements. Readers get to engage with your added sources in a fast, convenient and appealing way through user-friendly content presentation. Find below different unique media releases that are indexed on search engines if deemed helpful and informative.

We want our media release submissions to be as unique as possible so we are open to any added media suggestions from our clients.

We encourage all submissions to include a variety of media to make it more appealing and interactive.

As shown in the above media release examples, images and graphics, videos, social posts and hyperlinks can be added, but we welcome other creative ideas of course.

Our Media Release Services

Choose from three different media release service options most suitable for your requirements. 

Basic Media Release Publication from


We will add one image, logo, video, social post and hyperlink that readers can interact with.

Advanced Media Release Publication from


We will add two images, one logo, one video, two social posts and hyperlinks readers can interact with.

Premium Media Release Publication from


We will add three images, one logo, two videos, three social posts and hyperlinks plus add CTAs with buttons.

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