Early Years & Key Stage 1 Staff in London offered free ‘Catch Up®‘ Numeracy & Literacy Training worth over £1200


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Nationally recognised for its market leading intervention training, Catch Up® is offering primary schools from London Boroughs the opportunity to train three members of staff for free as part of their Early Years Project final year trial.

Schools who participate will receive online training worth over £1200 that will enable teachers and teaching assistants to deliver numeracy and literacy interventions, supporting pupils’ education development in these two core areas.


London Borough schools that sign up to the programme may also be eligible for an administration grant of up to £500 and can make use of their new skills with students across all years.

Resources, support, and free Hodder standardised testing will also be provided to all participating schools.


To qualify, schools must engage with the training sessions by the end of October 2023 and then use their training to support one Reception–age/Year 1 pupil in the Autumn Term.

The pupil’s progress will then be reported as an anonymised case study within the final report.

Dr. Graham Sigley (Deputy Director) from Catch Up® explains:


“Our early years project aims to demonstrate how Catch Up® Literacy and Catch Up® Numeracy can aid a child’s educational progress in their formative years. The first two years of study have provided some excellent results and we’re looking to conclude the final year with participating schools specifically in the Greater London area.”

“Although the project is focused on Reception-age and Year 1 aged children, once trained, teaching staff can access lifetime support with no limit on the numbers of learners that can benefit, a great value to schools.”

Catch Up® is a not-for-profit charity working to address literacy and numeracy difficulties that contribute to underachievement.

Its integrated training and resource packages support the management and delivery of Catch Up® interventions.

Over 500,000 learners have been helped with its proven interventions. Find out more about Catch Up Literacy and Catch Up Numeracy.

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