E-Learning – why it is growing and what you need to know


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Are you still sceptical of learning or studying online? You better think again as the e-learning market is predicted to exceed $ 200 billion by 2024! The demand for it is growing, especially in parts of the world where people can’t easily access schools or universities. However, if you have a connection to the internet and a computer or phone you’re pretty much set to begin your learning journey online.

E-learning doesn’t just include online studies, but it also covers mobile e-learning, learning management system (LMS) or virtual classrooms. The advantages of these solutions are that they are highly customized to cater to the varying learning capabilities of the user and they also offer employers or universities more flexibility with the way they provide training. Another advantage in a globalised world of today is that students can connect and communicate with each other all over the world.

More and more online courses are available

If you find it difficult to commit to classical full-time studies on campus then you should consider studying online. There are currently 2,413 distance learning programmes available in the UK. Here are the 5 top UK universities for distance learning that could help you get ahead in your career. They offer all types of programmes that might interest you, from Bachelor, Master and PhD. programmes, to Short Courses.

  1. The Open University UK – with over 170,000 students, top degree qualifications, this university attracts international students with flexible, high quality online degrees and distance learning programmes. Plus, the university’s research has placed it in top 50 in the UK.
  2. University of Liverpool in a coop. with Laureate Online Education – One of the top eLearning institutions in the world according to Financial Times, it offers 41 distance learning courses from a wide area of disciplines.
  3. School of Oriental and African Studies – The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is a college of the University of London and the only Higher Education institution in the UK specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and the Middle East. It offers 51 distance learning courses.
  4. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus – With a population of 31,000 students from UK/EU and around 1,700 international students, it is one of the largest universities in the East of England. Their students are on courses leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as to a range of professional qualifications.
  5. University of Birmingham – Named 2016’s University of the Year for Graduate Employment by The Times, the University of Birmingham offers highly interactive, online postgraduate courses in business and public services.

But not only established universities offer e-learning options. You can also find many experts or smaller companies providing online short courses, especially for digital skills. One of them is ClickDo Ltd., an SEO & digital marketing consultancy, that offer online courses on their platform https://www.clickdoacademy.com/. These courses are designed to offer practical and step-by-step online lectures that will provide you with everything you need to know about digital marketing and more.

Still not sure about e-learning? The longer you wait and hesitate, the faster it’ll catch up with you. Get into it now before it’s too late!

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