5 Top Technical Degree Subjects to Study for a Lucrative Career


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Technology has left no one untouched, regardless of their background or beliefs, as it permeates various aspects of modern life.

From shopping to learning, working to leisure, technology has been reshaping the world we know. Over the past decade, it has become an inseparable part of our lives, revolutionising how we communicate, work, learn, and interact with the world.

Advancements in technology have driven progress and innovation in practically every industry, becoming a driving force behind human development. Access to vast amounts of information at our fingertips has empowered individuals with knowledge and fostered continuous learning.

The reach of technological tools transcends borders and cultures, creating a global community that collaborates and shares ideas in real time, enabling communication and collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds.

In this rapidly advancing digital age, the importance of technology cannot be overstated. It acts as a catalyst for economic growth, propelling industries forward and opening new avenues for entrepreneurship and job opportunities. Moreover, technology plays a pivotal role in addressing societal issues, from enhancing healthcare and education systems to tackling environmental concerns.

However, alongside the immense potential and power that technology brings, it also brings forth responsibilities and challenges. Striking a balance between progress and ethical considerations, ensuring data privacy and security, and addressing potential technological divides are critical tasks that need to be carefully addressed.

Why a Degree in Tech is a Lucrative Option


Technology has changed almost everything we do, and it has enabled unprecedented connectivity, efficiency, and convenience, transforming the global landscape in ways that were once unimaginable.

As a result, the UK government is working to ensure that our country remains at the forefront of innovation with strategies to drive further tech market growth. This growth is only possible with the help of the right industry professionals, which is where you come in.

As a young school leaver looking to embark on the next stage of your education, you are in a unique position to help shape the technology market and work to drive positive change for everyone. All you need to do is find the right degree, which will help you to earn the role you want in this diverse market.

Working in the technology market in any capacity is not only fun and important but also lucrative. Technology is closely linked to wealth, with some of the richest individuals in the country working in the tech market. Even if you’re not out to make millions but just live comfortably, you can do so very well by moving into a technical discipline.

With hundreds of different degrees available, in a wide range of topics, it might feel daunting to have to pick just one.

To help, we’ve put together this list of some of the top technical degree disciplines that could help land you a high-paying job after you graduate.

1. Computer Science


One discipline that is highly sought after in today’s corporate landscape is computer science or the study of how hardware and software work together to create the digital tools we use today. This practice helps professionals to understand how tools evolve and how they can be used in everyday life.

A degree in computer science, like the MSC Computer Science degree from Abertay University, helps students to gain industry-relevant skills that can open the door to high-paying careers in software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more.

2. Software Engineering


Like computer science, software engineering focuses on the practical aspects of software development, a sought-after field in the tech industry. Software engineering focuses specifically on the development of software tools, such as apps and programs, which can help us to save time and effort.

Software engineers are in high demand across almost every area of the corporate landscape, as apps and software tools are used for everything from managing patient records in hospitals to creating fun games for marketing purposes and beyond. With a constant need for software-driven solutions, software engineers have excellent career prospects and opportunities for career growth, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities if you choose this option as a career path.

3. Chemical Engineering


Chemical engineering is a multifaceted and in-demand discipline that combines chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering principles to conceive, create, and optimise processes and products related to chemicals, materials, and energy. Chemical engineers play a pivotal role in various industries, shaping a diverse range of products and procedures that profoundly impact our daily lives. Graduates specialising in chemical engineering can explore lucrative opportunities across industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and manufacturing.

If you have always been interested in science, this field presents an excellent prospect for you. One especially significant area presently is environmental chemical engineering, given the growing emphasis on addressing environmental challenges. Some chemical engineers contribute to sustainability endeavours by developing cleaner and more environmentally-friendly processes, waste management systems, and pollution control technologies. If this aligns with your passion, pursuing a career in chemical engineering might be a rewarding choice.

4. Data Science


Data science is a multidisciplinary field that involves extracting valuable insights and knowledge from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. It combines expertise from statistics, computer science, machine learning, and domain-specific knowledge to make data-driven decisions and predictions. The ability to draw meaningful conclusions from data helps organisations make data-driven decisions, optimise processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Data scientists work with diverse datasets and continuously seek innovative solutions to complex problems, making data science an exciting and intellectually stimulating field with ever-expanding opportunities for career growth and impact. Data science is a great career choice for anyone who enjoys maths and science, as the practice is closely linked with these practices. It has a versatile range of applications, so you have plenty of options if you choose a data science degree. Whether it’s NLP, AI and machine learning, or business intelligence, there are thousands of ways that data scientists can help the corporate landscape to grow and evolve.

5. Cybersecurity


With the increasing reliance on technology and the rise in cyber threats, cybersecurity has become a top priority for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide. Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand in 2023, as they are responsible for identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. They deploy various security tools and technologies to monitor and analyse network traffic, identifying suspicious activities and potential security breaches.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to grow as cyber threats become more sophisticated and prevalent. With the constant evolution of cyber threats, continuous learning and staying updated with the latest security trends and technologies are crucial for cybersecurity professionals to protect against emerging threats and vulnerabilities effectively.

A Final Word On The Top Technical Degree Subjects

When it comes to choosing a degree, you need to remember that it’s only the first step on your journey. The key to a lucrative career lies not only in your degree subject but also in your dedication, continuous learning, and gaining practical experience through internships or projects. So, the most important thing you need to do is to find a discipline that you enjoy, and which you believe will keep you engaged for many years. It can take a lot of time and effort to choose a degree that’s right for you, but this list should help you on your journey and give you a good starting point.

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