Scenario 1: Jenny tries cramming as much as she can the night before her economics paper, knowing that even an all-nighter won’t be able to save her from flunking. She goes into guilt-tripping herself for procrastinating for so long and ends up getting a poor grade in the paper.

Scenario 2: Julian frowns at the corrected essay, his professor just handed out in class. The grade scrawled on top seems way lower than he expected. Turning the essay over, he finds it strewn with grammatical and spelling errors, that costed him a few precious grades.

If the scenarios above seem familiar to you, then you are not alone. Practically thousands of students all over the world face the same problems every day in their academic lives. But the digital age and the internet can change it all – for the better!

Read on to find out about the ten most useful apps that can lend you a hand in managing your student life way better than before.

10 game-changing student apps you need to try today

  1. Dragon Anywherecontent management app with voice input

Need a handy assignment writing app? Say no more. Dragon Anywhere lets you write assignments faster than ever before.

What it’s all about:

  • Uses speech-to-text technology
  • Converts what you say into written text
  • Is compatible across iOS and Android
  • Voice recognition software-enabled

What you can do:

  • Compose assignments, essays, emails, messages, and other documents
  • Copy and paste the text into other apps and interfaces
  • Save typing time to get ahead with other tasks like reading and research
  1. Forestapp for better focus and less distraction

An app to keep you off distracting apps, Forest is a modern-day distraction blocker. You can finally look up from your Smartphone screen to get things done on time.

What’s it all about:

  • Gamified timer that counts time off your Smartphone
  • Collects points for every time milestone you cross
  • Has seed-to-plant simulations to keep you motivated
  • Is compatible across iOS and Android

What you can do:

  • Stay off your phone using the timer inside the app
  • Score points for each time milestone you overcome
  • Collect enough points to invest the same in Forest
  • Let the team behind the app plant a sapling in real life
  1. Evernotenote making and productivity app

If ever there was a note-taking app that did more, then Evernote has to be it. Keep your notes handy with Evernote, refer and cite like a pro in all your assignments.

What it’s all about:

  • Saves your notes on-the-go
  • Has bookmarking and screen capture features
  • Can sync across all devices – Smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop
  • Is compatible across iOS and Android

What you can do:

  • Save and organize your notes
  • Use the built-in camera to take pictures of hand-written notes
  • Search for words and phrases in notes (even hand-written ones)
  • Neatly categorize notes according to subject and topic
  1. Focus To-Dofocus and productivity app for students

A to-do list that keeps you on your toes, Focus To-Do is here to make you explore your potential to the fullest.

What it’s all about:

  • Teaches Pomodoro technique for increased focus
  • Keep tasks chunked up in manageable timeframes (say 25 minutes)
  • Is compatible with both iOS and Android

What you can do with it:

  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Use the Pomodoro technique to get more done in less time
  • Practice mindfulness and concentration exercises
  • Report and re-order tasks throughout the day
  1. Brainlysubject and homework learning app

Brainly has a community of scholars and students who exchange ideas and queries. If you have a query about your topic, you can pick the brains of a stranger for answers!

What it’s all about:

  • Social network of students and experts
  • Hosts discussion threads on multiple subjects
  • Has an archive of discussion threads
  • Is compatible across iOS and Android

What you can do:

  • Ask a question to a scholar on your subject
  • Search among existing discussion threads
  • Get solutions to your study problems
  • Connect with scholars in your field of study
  1. Alarmyproductivity app for students

If you just have to press the snooze button a few times before getting out of bed, then Alarmy is for you. It will help you wake up in the mornings just in time to be ready for lectures.

What it’s all about:

  • New-age alarm app with tasks
  • Comes with innovative objectives
  • Is compatible across Android and iOs

What you can do:

  • Solve a sum on waking up
  • Shake your phone the required number of times
  • Complete all kinds of sensory-motor tasks to stop the alarm
  • Manage to wake up on time
  1. Drunk Modemanagement app for mobile phone

Say goodbye to drunk texting and party shenanigans you will definitely regret the morning after. Put a leash on your drunk self with Drunk Mode.

What it’s all about:

  • Blocks notifications on social media apps
  • Locks contact list (leaving out emergency contacts)
  • Locks DM and messaging apps
  • Keeps track of your GPS activity
  • Is compatible across iOS and Android

What you can do:

  • Limit phone usage when drunk
  • Keep a list of contacts handy in case of emergencies
  • Retrace your activities using the Breadcrumbs feature
  • Look for your friends using GPS features in a crowded party
  1. StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzesstudying and learning app

An app that turns studying into fun, StudyBlue lets you stay ahead on difficult topics throughout the term. From memorizing formulae to analyzing poems, you can do it all using StudyBlue.

What it’s all about:

  • Stores over 400 million flash cards, notes and study guides
  • Has flashcards features to store your notes
  • Covers a wide range of subjects and specializations
  • Is compatible across iOS and Android

What you can do:

  • Track progress of your courses
  • Create and customize flashcards
  • Set reminders for quizzes and exams
  • Study content from classmates
  1. Courseraonline courses app for learning

Coursera is your go-to study buddy for tricky concepts and subjects. You can take up courses taught by professionals to score more marks in your exams and surprise quizzes.

What it’s all about:

  • Provides online tutorials from experts
  • Lets you choose courses from renowned institutions
  • Is compatible across all devices, iOS and Android

What you can do:

  • Choose courses of your liking
  • Get expert help with your studies
  • Connect and network with scholars of your discipline
  1. Grammarlystudent and learning app for better grammar

Be it emails, essays or assignments, Grammarly will be there to give you a hand with editing and proofreading. This wildly popular editing app can make your lives easier, and here’s how.

What it’s all about:

  • Editing and proofreading app
  • Checks readability, plagiarism, and engagement factors
  • Provides suggestions for polished writing
  • Is compatible with Android and iOS

What you can do:

  • Download plagiarism and grammar reports
  • Edit your write-ups for better scores
  • Get real-time updates on suitable phrases and words
  • Save your documents (and the changes) in the background

Parting words

From keeping fit to managing your time, there is an app for everything that you do nowadays. This post listed ten of the most helpful student apps that can make your life easier and faster. Who says being a student in the modern age has to be full of stress and anxiety breakdowns? Once you bring these apps into your life, you will find it easier to deal with stress as you keep making progress with your studies like never before. Let life take a turn for the better, use these apps to make the most of the time you get. Good luck!


Shirley Brown

Shirley Brown, a blogger and writer, is also a full-time student counselor. She assists students with their academic and career-related issues and enjoys writing blogs on education, technology and general news. An avid reader, she occasionally volunteers for a library-on-wheels program in her neighborhood in downtown Melbourne.