review online courses

Are you an online course instructor or eLearning platform provider?

A big part of online education are online courses and there’s a growing demand.

We want to help people find and choose the right online courses and eLearning platforms and offer them information that will provide useful guidance. Our blog already provides articles that analyse and recommend online courses or eLearning platforms for certain subjects or learning objectives.

If you have created online courses or want to share fantastic online platforms for online learning, you can promote your own or others you recommend here. Get in touch with us and send us your course/platform details or recommendations. We will publish it in a directory style with a link to the reviewed course or to your author profile, blog or website.

What your profile should include:

  • what is the course/platform about – topic/niche?
  • what will students learn from it – learning outcomes/certifications/skills?
  • does it show/explain/demonstrate helpful practical activities?
  • does it deliver knowledge or skills relevant to a field of work?
  • benefits of this course/platform?
  • need-to-knows about this course/platform (price/special offers/length/mode of study)?