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12 Best Online Courses For a More Lucrative Career

12 Best Online Courses For a More Lucrative Career

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Looking to pick up a new skill to earn a higher salary?

Do you want to add some certificates to your CV to propel your own career or are you thinking of switching to another career path?

Then you should seriously consider: E-Learning. It’s convenient, flexible and often far more affordable.

Today’s job market requires one to really stand out from the crowd. You need to have some solid proof of the skills and value that you are offering to a business or client.

Getting yourself an impressive online CV will do just that. Online courses are usually shorter and more flexible than average university or college degrees earned online or university semester.

They are typically self-regulated where you choose the pace for completing your course.


However, there are dozens of online courses out there, and if you’re wondering which skills will bring you a step closer to a more successful career with higher pay you should take a closer look.

So, what are some of the courses to help shape your future work path? Here is a list of highly-rated courses that may boost your career:

1. The Complete iOS 10 & Swift 3 Developer Course

best-online-courses-for- lucrative-careerThis is a wholesome and interactive course offered on the popular online learning platform Udemy. The course is thorough in app development for the iPhone and iPad. With over 209 lectures and 29.5 hours of instructional videos, you are in for a treat.

If you would wish to dip your feet into the world of iOS app development, this is the course to pick up. Join Rob Percival, the app development expert, and start learning today.

Course available at: https://www.udemy.com/course/complete-ios-10-developer-course/

Top Features

  • Get all the information you need to understand the iOS 10 Messages, Maps and SiriKit.
  • One year of unlimited web hosting per student, not per course.
  • A copy of the best-selling eBook, How to Earn $10,000 While Learning to Code, rated 5-Stars on Amazon.
  • Over 1,000 graphical assets (buttons, icons, background, etc. to use in your app)

Course Length: 30 hours of video content

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: This course offers everything you need, from downloading the software to developing and understanding how to set up an application in the App Store, with great knowledge balanced with a clear explanation.

Additionally, you will receive a Letter of Completion when the course is finished, enhancing your resume.

2. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

top-online-courses-for-lucrative-careerWith the world today slowly shifting to internet-based transactions, there has been a sharp increase in demand for web developers. Web developers get to design and customize beautiful websites that attract customers to their client’s products.

This course will delve into details of the various web development languages such as HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, and WordPress. The course has 236 lectures and over 28 hours of clear and engaging instructional videos. Be ready to transform from a novice to your first freelancing gig within no time and possibly build a web development business of your own.

Course available at: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-complete-web-developer-course-2/

Top Features

  • Learn to develop web apps, and websites and create HTML-based mobile apps
  • A kind, welcoming group of mentors, will help you become a confident front-end developer at every stage.
  • Provides knowledge of databases and server-side programming languages.
  • Thorough knowledge of how to code, design, and create effective websites.
  • Free unlimited web hosting for one year, per student, not per course

Course Length: 30 hours of video content

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: Excellent program that enables you to create awesome websites with all the knowledge you need.

After finishing this course, you are also given a certification of completion.

3. The Project Management Professional

best-online-coursesThis course has been developed by Cybrary for all project managers, whether seasoned or complete novices. Project management has turned out to be a vital skill in many job markets with many employers looking out for potential jobseekers equipped with this skill.

The PMP course will guide you effectively on how to initiate, plan and manage a project. You get to understand the process of analysing risk, monitoring and controlling project contracts, and developing schedules for budgets.

The course comes with a selection of in-depth course materials including over 5 hours of self-paced training videos and practical exams.

Course available at: https://www.cybrary.it/blog/pmp-certification/

Top Features

  • The PMP credential is recognised globally based on standardised project management practices.
  • It is useful and viable in every field, offering a wealth of employment options.
  • It offers PMP holders the knowledge to hold long-term stability and career security.

Course Length: 5.5 hours’ worth of knowledge.

Course price: The PMP certification exam costs £345 for PMI members and £470 for non-members.

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: The PMP certification, developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is one of the most well-known management-track degrees in the world.

This PMP certification will make your resume stand out from the competition.

4. Social Media Marketing Specialisation

top-online-courses-for-career-growthThe rise of social media platforms in the world today has crafted a niche for an increasingly valuable skillset – Social Media Marketing. Leading Companies and Brands are looking into employees who can build an audience around a brand name and influence their choices on certain products and brands.

This course is offered by Northwestern University through Coursera. It consists of 6 social media modules with tons of resources for research and projects to be completed. Even better, you get a certificate from Northwestern University upon completion.

Course available at: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/social-media-marketing

Top Features

  • Shareable certificates for specialisation and courses
  • Option for self-paced learning and course readings along with videos
  • Graded assignments and practice tests with feedback from peers
  • Thorough understanding of social media marketing techniques.

Course Length: Self-paced

Course Price: £40 (Financial Aid Available)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: The program gives you the knowledge and tools you need to create a complete social media marketing strategy, from consumer insights to final judgement metrics.

Additionally, each course will receive specific toolkits containing up-to-date material. You will get a certificate once you have finished all the courses and the practical project, which you can showcase to potential companies and individuals in your professional network.

5. WordPress Development with Bootstrap: The Complete Course

top-online-courses-for-career-growthWordPress has over the years cemented its place as the most sought-after content management system. By 2018, more than 28% of all websites on the internet were created through WordPress.

This course from Udemy targets freelance web designers and graphic designers to help enhance their knowledge and skills, but it can also be useful for WordPress bloggers. With over 83 hours of lectures and over 12 hours of engaging videos, you are bound to hone your skills in WP web design to a whole new level.

Course available at: WordPress Development with Bootstrap: The Complete Course | Udemy

Top Features

  • Learn how to create custom widgets using the Elementor coding language.
  • Code a stunning blog design that is simple to manage in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Build WordPress themes that download very quickly, are optimised, and are secure from hackers.
  • Learn how to include Gutenberg and Elementor into your theme to enable drag-and-drop layout creation for an infinite number of pages!

Course Length: 22 hours of video content

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: Enrolling in this course will improve your productivity and sharpen your web development skills. As a result, you’ll effectively be able to take on more projects, charge higher fees, and even earn more money working as a freelance WordPress developer.

Further, you will receive a letter of completion once the course is finished, which will boost your career.

6. An Entire MBA in 1 Course: Award-Winning Business School Prof

best-online-courses-for-career-growthHaving to climb the corporate ladder might require you to have an MBA degree from recognized institutions. However, you may desire to set up your own business and need to acquire the skills necessary to run the business efficiently.

This is a fantastic course offered by Udemy that contains everything you need to know about business. That is, from building up your start-up to IPO listings. The course has over 65 lectures with over 8 hours of intensive on-demand videos to help you grasp the nitty-gritty of the corporate world. A certificate of completion is offered at the end of the course.

Course available at: An Entire MBA in 1 Crash Course Online | Udemy

Top Features

  • The course includes a free 384-page book edition.
  • Learn to build financial models from scratch.
  • Analyse the capabilities of investment banking organisations and how they might benefit your company.
  • Understand the workings of macroeconomics and microeconomics.
  • Become familiar with the operations of management consulting firms and when to hire them.

Course Length: 8 hours of video content

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: After completing this course, you’ll be provided with the skills/tools required to start a company, grow it, and then take it public.

Receive a letter of recommendation and show it to your employer to get an edge in the recruiting process.

7. The Complete Android N Developer Course

best-online-coursesDo you wish to create amazing android apps? This course from Udemy will help you do just that. Android app programming has increasingly gained popularity as its developers enjoy good pay through their high-in-demand skills.

Through this course, you get to sharpen your skills as an Android developer through various tutorials on how to make clones for different apps such as Uber, Snapchat, and Instagram. With over 235 lectures and over 31 hours of intensive video tutorials, you are set to go into your Android development journey.

Course available at: https://www.udemy.com/course/complete-android-n-developer-course/

Top Features

  • Learn how to upload your apps to Google Play and earn revenue with Google Ads and Google Pay
  • Become a skilled app developer, take freelance jobs, and operate from anywhere.
  • Create any Android app you like (your only limit is your imagination)
  • Learn this course, then apply for a new position as an Android developer with a software company.

Course Length: 32 hours of on-demand video

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained:

This course is for you if you desire to learn how to code to develop apps. Once you’re ready to go and code like a pro app developer, it’ll also teach you how to make money from your apps.

After completing the course, you receive a completion certificate.

8. The Expert SEO Courses Selection

earn-more-moneyIn an increasingly digital world where most businesses now operate via the internet, SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, has become a vital skill. Every business requires support with this and if you can help them or even run your own business and manage its SEO perfectly, you’ll certainly have an advantage as your rankings on search engines will lead to more conversions and sales. You can even turn it into a career, becoming an SEO consultant!

At ClickDo, the digital marketing agency in London that specialises in SEO, the team have created several expert SEO online courses you can flexibly take and utilize for your own work-related needs. Whether you’re a beginner and need to learn the basics or you want to learn more about specific areas of SEO such as SEO copywriting, here you’ll find everything you need. The SEO copywriting is a short course only about 2 hours long, whereas the Local SEO Blueprint offers 7 extensive modules, explaining step-by-step how to find vital keywords, apply them effectively, and how to do on-page SEO, among other key skills.

Course available at: https://www.clickdo.co.uk/seo-courses/

Top Features

  • You will work collaboratively with experienced SEO trainers and digital marketing experts with years of marketing and technological expertise.
  • Fully specialised and customised hands-on instruction covering all aspects of digital marketing and SEO
  • Participate in training sessions to focus on your business and its specific demands instead of spending time with other companies that might not necessarily belong to the same industry or have similar aims.
  • A detailed manual SEO analysis of the website to find areas of strength, weakness, and growth potential for the business.

Course Length: Self-paced

Course Price: £195 for Standard mode and £495 for VIP mode

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained:

This course will teach you how to do business and search marketing techniques to apply to corporate websites to rank highly in a specific niche.

9. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!

boost-your-careerTake this course to develop a skill set that will help you defeat all online threats, such as cybercriminals, exploit kits, malware, zero days, trackers, advanced hackers and more.

Also, you can learn about the Darknet and the mindset of cybercriminals in this course. This course offers 12 hours of video content with numerous resources for conducting research and finishing tasks.

Course available at: The Complete Cyber Security Course : Hackers Exposed! | Udemy

Top Features

  • Take this course and become an expert in cyber security.
  • Discover the threat environment, which includes malware, phishing, darknets, exploit kits, zero-day vulnerabilities, and more.
  • This course covers patching, privacy, and operating system security for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS, and Linux.
  • Gain knowledge of the infrastructure used by nation-states for tracking and hacking.

Course Length: 12 hours of on-demand video

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained:  Enrol today for a deep understanding of encryption, how you can decode it, and what steps you can take to reduce potential threats.

To claim CPE credits, a certificate of completion is available and signed by the instructor, Nathan House.

10. The Data Science Course 2022: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

earn-more-moneyData science is one of the most suited careers to succeed in this competitive world. This training program solves the biggest challenge to entering the data science specialisation – having all the required resources in one place and being programming-oriented, digital, and analytical.

Moreover, it focuses on teaching topics that flow smoothly and complement each other. The course introduces everything you need to know to become a data scientist at a fraction of the cost and time of standard programs.

Course available at: Data Science Training Course: Data Scientist Bootcamp | Udemy

Top Features

  • Learn to develop machine learning algorithms in Python, using statsmodels, scikit-learn and numPy.
  • Make a good impression on interviewers by demonstrating your knowledge of data science.
  • Learn Python coding and how to apply it to statistical analysis.
  • Utilise state-of-the-art Deep Learning frameworks like TensorFlow from Google.
  • Start a business intuition while coding and using big data to solve problems.

Course Length: 31 hours of on-demand video

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: Fill these in-demand data science skills to your resume: Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn, Advanced statistical analysis, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and scikit-learn, Statistical analysis, Deep learning with TensorFlow.

Also, this course offers a certificate of completion to showcase on your resume.

11. Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2022: Fund your Retirement!

best-online-courses-for- lucrative-careerCryptocurrency trading offers the best asset class to improve purchasing power, avoid recession, and acquire financial security. Moreover, this course will guide you safely through everything you need to know to understand and benefit from it when it comes to the topic of crypto.

Learn from 6 courses in 1 over 13 hours: Early Coin Investing, Research & Investing Fundamentals, Ethereum, Bitcoin, DeFi, Metaverse & NFTs. Know which coins to buy during intraday trading and which coins have the potential for huge long-term gains!

Course available at: https://www.udemy.com/course/cryptocurrency/

Top Features

  • Gain economic freedom and escape the recession from beginner to advanced cryptocurrency skills!
  • Learn how to use centralised exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase, and decentralised exchanges, such as Uniswap and Pancakes Wap.
  • Create a Simple Wallet for yourself so that you may store your money safely while purchasing and sending Bitcoin to the exchange to purchase alternative coins.
  • Understand how to set up IDO Launchpads such as Polkastarter and BSCPad.

Course Length: 16.5 hours of on-demand video

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: This course will explain everything you need to understand about cryptocurrency, including how to understand Ethereum, Bitcoin, and all other altcoins and how to set up a secure wallet and buy Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency.

It also displays the top seven criteria for spotting profitable coins and the biggest booms in the industry, including the Metaverse, NFTs, Gaming, Meme coins, DeFi, and IDO Launchpads.

12. Google UX Design Professional Certificate

top-online-courses-for-lucrative-careerPrepare for a profession in the high-growth field of UX design without any previous experience. Get on the fast track to a career with a competitive salary with professional training created by Google. User experience (UX) designers concentrate on clients’ interactions with products, like websites, apps, and physical objects.

This program offers over 200 hours of lessons and hundreds of practice-based exercises and assessments that replicate real-world UX design scenarios and are crucial for success in the workplace. The content is highly immersive and developed by Google employees with years of experience in UX design.

Course available at: Google UX Design Professional Certificate | Coursera

Top Features

  • Learn to understand the users, identify their needs, develop solutions, make wireframes and prototypes, test designs, and iterate them according to the design process.
  • Apply fundamental UX principles such as equity-focused design, accessibility, and user-centred design
  • Understand the fundamentals of UX research, including how to plan research projects, conduct interviews and usability tests, and summarise research results.
  • Build a successful UX portfolio with three end-to-end projects: a mobile app, a responsive site, and a cross-platform experience.
  • User experience (UX) designers concentrate on clients’ interactions with products, like websites, apps, and physical objects and this course teaches this.

Course Length: 200 hours on-demand lessons

Course Price: £37 (When on sale, you can get this course for as low as £4)

Learning outcomes/certificates/qualifications gained: You’ll discover how to finish the entire design process from beginning to end, identify user pain points, generate concepts for design solutions, make prototypes, mock-ups, and wireframes; evaluate designs using usability studies, and modify designs based on feedback.

You can share your course certifications in the certifications section of your LinkedIn page, on printed resumes, CVs, and other important documents. 

Ready for a new career?  

If you are looking into improving your skillset or having a career change, these courses will help you access a new and hopefully improved income stream. Identify something you’re passionate about and you are good at, find an online course giving you the knowledge and skills you’re looking for, and get started right away.

Build a secure or perhaps rather peculiar career you enjoy and that offers you the lifestyle you’ve always been looking for. Whether you’re a student or a working professional – it’s never too late to learn something new!

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