5 Innovative Ways to Motivate your Staff to Learn New Skills


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When it comes to the success and growth of any business, a large part of it falls on the employees.

However many people you employ in your company they are the ones who represent your brand and keep the wheels turning. To get new clients, draw in new customers, and boost profits, your team needs to have a plethora of skills to do their jobs effectively.

There is always something new to learn in any business, so it’s wise to invest in your employees and give them opportunities to brush up on their skills and learn new ones such as digital skills.

Here are five methods you can try out today to achieve just that.

1. Define Clear Goals


If there is one thing in business you must do, it’s to define clear goals for your employees. This applies not just to company goals, but personal goals for each member of staff. When you communicate and define your overall goals, it’s far easier to help staff establish personal goals that correlate with their overall mission. You can support and help them to build the skills necessary to achieve their personal goals.

2. Reward Employee’s Enthusiasm


One of the most challenging tasks for staff and managers is to keep employees motivated. When a new member starts at your business, they’ll be full of enthusiasm. However, they may begin losing motivation over time. Therefore, it’s crucial to nurture positive relationships with employees.

You can do this by implementing a reward system. To show your team you care, there are all kinds of incentives you can provide while they learn and master new skills. This may be in the form of a bonus, an extra day’s holiday, or discounts and vouchers they can use.

3. Promote E-Learning


To motivate your employees to learn and develop new skills, you need to prove that the process won’t take forever. There are eLearning platforms that allow staff to schedule their time around studying.

Providers like iHASCO have eLearning courses that your employees can benefit from. Their programs are designed specifically for employees across the board and can teach your staff new skills and gain qualifications that can boost their work performance.

4. Create a Positive Work Environment


Employees can spend up to 1/3 of their lives in the office, so being happy at work is a vital element of overall wellbeing. To encourage your team to learn new skills, they need to be in a work environment they feel comfortable. There are lots of things you can do to create a positive work culture. This includes conducting regular check-ins, holding team meetings, and prioritizing onboarding and training.

5. Provide Mentoring Programs


Regardless of what kind of business you run, you’ll want the best people behind you running the A-Z of the operation. When you invest in your employees’ careers and development, they can master an array of transferable career skills that will help boost productivity, and confidence, and push your business in the right direction.

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