A Guide to writing Oxbridge Personal statements to apply to Oxford and Cambridge University

If you want to get into a good college or university, you need a convincing personal statement. But if you want to get into...

How to Become an Automotive Mechanic in Australia

Auto mechanics are some of the most in-demand trades in Australia. Undertaking an automotive apprenticeship can lead to a lucrative career working with cars,...
university degree value

Are University Degrees More Valuable Than You Might Think?

It’s easy to wonder what’s the point in getting a degree nowadays, given that so many employers seem to value experience over education. However,...

LSAT Mastery: Essential Guide to Scoring High with Effective Study Strategies

The LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, is your gateway to the world of law schools. Drawing from my experience as an admissions counsellor at...

5 Top Technical Degree Subjects to Study for a Lucrative Career

Technology has left no one untouched, regardless of their background or beliefs, as it permeates various aspects of modern life. From shopping to learning, working...

The 11 Most Famous Students at Eton College And Their Peculiar Careers

Eton College is one of the most prestigious and exclusive private boarding schools in the United Kingdom. And many are curious about who went to...
How to Ace Your First Year of Medical School; study tips for medical students; Tips To Ace Exam At Medical School; Ways to Ace Medical School Exams

5 Tips To Ace Every Exam At Medical School

We all know exams are stressful, especially at medical school. The amount of theoretical knowledge that you must remember is enormous. There is no difference if...

How to write a Personal Statement for Master’s Applications at UK Elite Universities?

If you want to get into an elite university in the UK like Eton, Imperial, UCL, LSE or King’s, you must submit the perfect...
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