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Best 7 STEM Subjects Apps for Young Children

Whether you like it or not, our 21st-century learners today have two ways to learn: either by the book or by the internet. Especially...

How to Engage Zoomers in the Study Process in an Era of Mobile Learning?

Zoomers are those young people who currently either study in school, have graduated from college, or got their first job. Imagine how broad this...

4 Best Tools For Students to Create Audio Slideshows and Presentations

Audio slideshows are a common tool for university or school assignments. Audio slideshows are slides, visuals, and audio. The audio plays automatically, giving the feel...

7 Best Helpful EdTech Tools for Online Educators and Learners

It is a modern era in which smart education is provided to children through online platforms. All the material about every kind of topic...
Motivate Students to Learn 3D Modeling

5 Ways to Keep Students Motivated to Learn with 3D Modelling

3D modelling is a technique in computer graphics for producing a 3-dimensional digital representation of any object or surface. Nowadays, the use of 3D models has...

Top 15 Ed Tech Solutions for English Teachers

Enabling technology in the classroom has been one of the most significant changes witnessed in the education sector in recent years. Technology does not only...

Best Online Learning, Teaching & Tutoring Platforms to Close the Attainment Gap

The pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in learning. Online learning and teaching from home are the new additional faces of education. Online learning...

How to Learn a New Language Fast with 8 TV Show Episodes and Movies?

Learning a foreign language is always a good idea. It can help you in many ways especially if you are going abroad or looking for...

How EdTech and the Internet has Made Education More Accessible

The United Nations’ fourth Sustainable Development Goal recognizes education as a fundamental human right. Access to equitable education is the key to providing livelihoods...
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