How to Get Chartered Engineering Licensure in the UK?


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Chartered Engineering (CE or C.Eng.) is a nationally recognized professional degree that certifies the quality of the engineer residing in the UK and is awarded by the Engineering Council UK. Passing CE/C. Eng. is often needed to sign the engineering documents in the respective field and allow practising engineering within a certain geographical area. Moreover, this degree will boost the career of the engineer as the demand is very high and very few of them who attend the exam or interview pass.

Getting a C.Eng. degree in the UK is quite different from other countries. For example, engineers who want to get a PE degree in the USA needs to sit 8(4+4) hours of the exam in a single day. But the process in Great Britain is very troublesome which means CE/C. Eng. is for those who stick to it and are highly motivated and ambitious candidates.

Steps of Getting a CE Degree in the UK

  1. Experience/Training

To start your process to be a ‘Chartered Engineer’ enlisted by the Engineering Council in the UK you need to have three to four years of real engineering field experience called ‘Training’. This training is well structured and supervised by one of the listed Chartered Engineers of the institution. Please keep in mind, before attending the vigorous training process you need to pass your graduation.

  1. Two Reports

After successful completion of your training, you need to submit two well-written reports (certainly plagiarism-free) based on the training you did. These reports will be evaluated by two senior members of the organization who are closely related to your working area.

  1. Interview and Presentation

One fine morning you will be called to attend the ‘Question and Answer Session’. You will be interviewed by the experienced examiners who will evaluate you. On the same day, you need to present your work for around 15 minutes in front of the examiners. You need to answer a lot of related professional and technical questions by the examiners and you obviously have to get them all right. The presentation topic will be any ‘one’ from your previously written and submitted reports.

  1. Afternoon Reports

In the afternoon, the examinee needs to sit for a 3-hour long report writing the exam. The questions will be set by the examiners and not related to your work experience. You need to write two reports on two questions set by the examiners. One question will be related to a professional and another one is on a technical aspect. The answers shall be around 1500 words and you need to complete the exam within three hours.

After completing these vigorous and well-structured steps, if you pass you will be enlisted as a ‘Chartered Engineer’ in your respective field of study within the geographical area set by the institution.

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