Top 10 Ways to Save and Make Money while Studying Abroad


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After receiving an offer letter from your dream College or University abroad you might ask yourself how to make money while studying abroad. It is a first step on the journey of being a successful student on foreign land.

However, there are many aspects to be considered by students while planning for studying abroad and they may wonder how to earn money online while studying. The accommodation, living expenses etc. are some of the important things for any student who is planning to study away from home.

College life abroad can be very interesting if you perform your duties and responsibilities efficiently. Doing a part time job is a good way to earn extra cash to cover your daily needs.

By studying internationally, you not only get a quality education, but you get to experience an alternate and amazing culture, make new companions and travel to see the world.

Most of the international students don’t find the study abroad experience difficult but the expenses involved give them trouble and they worry about how to manage money while studying abroad. 

Educational and living cost, travel expenses and other lifestyle financial support are to be factored in. All these together mean a sizeable sum and you may observe that you must certainly create a trustworthy wellspring of pay to meet each of these expenses. If you mainly want to focus on online earning opportunities, get some ideas here:

The most important thing to consider while planning study abroad is the budget. There certainly is a need to start a plan for saving and making money during your studies after the subtraction of all your required expenses, like tuition and rent.

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Now plan for all the required things you are likely to spend money on like groceries, trips etc. It is very good to set a budget for every eventuality in advance as planning ahead can save a student a lot of time and headache!

Don’t stress too much about it as there are many inventive ways by which you can earn enough to manage your student finances. Here are some suggestions to earn and save money when you study abroad:

1. Helping other students or juniors with their academic writing for essays or their studies is an extraordinary method to refresh your skills while earning some income. This is additionally an incredible method to improve your English, if English isn’t your native language. You can likewise make numerous friends while increasing your social circle and it will help you make more money.

2. Nowadays it’s possible to earn money online just by having a PC and internet connection. Several freelance websites are available online offering ways to earn cash just by registering and getting to work. An additional preferred standpoint is the adaptability of independent work – you can take on work just when you have sufficient energy or time, not otherwise.

3. The duration of the part time work visa depends on the status of your student visa. Numerous nations don’t give permission of work to students, but some countries grant you to take on low maintenance work for fixed weekly hours. You can take on an occupation that doesn’t require any unique extra aptitudes, like working at a gas station etc. You also may want to check which countries offer the best free education here:


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4. Try to take on seasonal employments. There are many occupations that open during the mid-year season, and you can take on a mid-year entry level position or work at a mid-year camp, for example.

5. Looking after children can be a great source of income. Babysitting or online tutoring can give you sufficient earnings. Moreover, you can also have much fun with children! Guardians would employ you to simply look after their resting kids while they have a night out, which does not require any extraordinary skills.

6. An on-campus job is also a good way of earning. You can take part in promotion or marketing activities as a student in Canada. These may not generally pay much; however you can squeeze in some study time while you work.

7. Try to find your favourite clothes on sale as it can make you feel better while you’re living on a budget. The sales rack will be your go-to spot whenever you go out for shopping. Moreover, you can get discounts on groceries very easily. Prefer to buy products in multi-packs in order to save money. For other products like household items, coupons can be found in local newspapers or on websites like Groupon.

8. Look for low cost accommodation. It could be quite exciting to live off-campus, but it couldn’t beat the convenience of an on-campus dorm. If you know anyone that lives near your campus, then living with them could be a very affordable way. But this option is not good for the students who want to live their own life and gain independence. In case your budget is low then it is a good option for you.

9. Get the advantage of every discount. There are many online shopping sites which offer discounts to students so use your school email address and sign up on these websites to get discounts for clothing, dining, and beauty items for students. You can find the best Coupon Code websites in this guide:

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10. There are many online websites which offer discounts on tablets, computers, software etc. to students. You only need to complete the registration process using your academic documents. These sites offer exclusive deals on several selected products available to customers who are studying in a recognized higher educational institution in the country.

On the off chance that you wish to consider studying abroad, you will find that there are a lot of chances accessible for international students to take on work, and you might get paid well. You will be secured by protective work laws that the government has set up, which ensure reasonable pay rates for students. Foreign students are normally contracted without any questions asked and are often considered hard workers. Hopefully these ways to make and save money while studying abroad recommended by Vaishali Joshi, the owner at V Future Step, a leading study abroad recommendation platform, are helpful for planning your budget and earning on the side!

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