The BBC’s Pedagogical Picks: Shows Enriching Learning & Education


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As the COVID-19 pandemic changed our daily lives, more parents found themselves working from home even after restrictions were lifted.

Even now children spend longer durations indoors. Consequently, parents increasingly rely on television to entertain and educate their young ones during work hours.

Thankfully, numerous excellent shows specifically designed for children aged 4 to 7, known as key stage 1, are readily accessible through a major TV provider in the UK and its shows can be accessed for free via the CBeebies iPlayer. Discover some of the best learning educational shows in the UK via the BBC as we share examples and background info.

Top 11 BBC’s Pedagogical Picks

1. Go Jetters

Younger children will be captivated by the action of the Go Jetters Academy explorers and amused by the comical mishaps of their archnemesis, Grandmaster Glitch. Through the high-concept geography-based TV show, known as Go Jetters, they will learn about intriguing landmarks such as the Egyptian Pyramids and the Leaning Tower of Pisa – great for geography.

2. Blue Planet

The BBC series, “The Blue Planet,” captures the attention of the next generation with its breathtaking cinematography and captivating exploration of nature’s wonders. Since it features hunting and animals preying on others, it is worth considering the sensitivity of younger viewers, even if they are eager to watch despite not meeting the recommended age.

If you have access issues, please check your platform’s regional restrictions. There’s a good chance you’ll choose BBC iPlayer USA, but there may be problems overseas. If you live abroad, but also want to satisfy your child’s inspiring curiosity, you have a solution – a VPN. With it, you can access free resources and services.

3. Bluey

Bluey, an Australian preschool series, follows a pup with a vivid imagination and a positive, happy attitude. Aussie expats in Singapore will enjoy the characters, each representing different breeds of dogs, with Aussie accents.

In each episode, Bluey and her sister, both heroines, engage in playful activities with their hands-on parents, learning essential social and soft skills. This show stands out for its involved mum and dad dogs, exhibiting hands-on parenting. Additionally, it imparts valuable messages to children about problem-solving, compromise, patience, and sharing.

4. Art Ninja

Ricky Martin, known as the Art Ninja, presents a collection of 40 art classes with each episode featuring a unique theme and various quick art projects, some completed in under a minute. The primary goal is to foster a sense of enjoyment and ease in creating art, turning it into an enjoyable experience rather than an uphill task.

5. Operation Ouch

Dr. Xand and Dr. Chris van Tulleken have collected an impressive 94 episodes filled with entertaining experiments and fascinating facts about the human body. They accompany pediatric Accident and Emergency (A&E) staff and patients at Liverpool, Manchester, and the West Midlands operational hospitals. Their creation stands among the finest educational TV shows available.

6. Horrible Histories

One of the finest history shows available is Horrible Histories. It goes beyond being merely humorous and informative; it accurately and humorously explores various subjects from the Celts to the World Wars. It’s an exhilarating viewing experience suitable for the entire family. Enjoy three seasons for free on iPlayer.

7. Deadly 60

Accompany Steve Backshall, a naturalist, on his global expedition to discover the 60 most lethal creatures on the planet. Each series transports viewers to a different continent, which Steve passionately explores.

8. Junior Bakeoff

Younger kids may not stay engaged due to the lengthy format, but 7+-year-olds should find the competition’s drama and tension enjoyable (and hopefully be inspired to try cooking at home!). The host injects plenty of humour, although it may go over the contestants’ heads. Nonetheless, it’s all good fun, and the judges strike a good balance by being firm without being overly critical.

The show offers educational elements through cooking, as well as themes of perseverance, supportiveness, dealing with criticism, and coping with disappointment in the kitchen. Both younger and older siblings can enjoy watching, and parents won’t mind having it on either.

9. Alphablocks

This vibrant introduction to the alphabet and phonics will captivate younger children. The letters animate, collaborate, and create short words, narrate stories, and sing songs perfect for language learning and phonetical awareness.

10. Maddie’s Do You Know?

Presenter and ‘Edutuber’ Maddie Moate hosts a captivating show that appeals to curious children. Have you ever pondered over the construction of skyscrapers or the location of mushroom growth? Have you ever wondered about the purpose of the barcode on your groceries or the science behind kite flying?

Fear not, as Maddie and her camera guide your children behind the scenes, unravelling intriguing processes and scientific principles while ensuring they remain entertained throughout the journey.

11. Nina and the Neurons

Nina and her enthusiastic helpers create an incredibly enjoyable and engaging science show. They introduce children to fundamental scientific concepts through thrilling experiments, exciting games, and catchy songs.

The CBeebies website offers supplemental content that fosters an interest in science, engineering, and coding. Additionally, there are a plethora of extra resources available to assist parents in encouraging their children to learn.


The BBC is currently prioritizing the creation of a wide range of educational content. Alice Webb, director of BBC Children’s & Education, emphasized the importance of ensuring that every child can continue learning. The lessons provided not only facilitate learning but also make it enjoyable.

Various subjects will be covered in the lessons, with well-known celebrities hosting them. If you are seeking daily content, BBC Bitesize offers Bitesize Daily programs on weekdays for students aged 5-14. You have the option to watch these 20-minute lessons on iPlayer or through the red button on your TV.

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