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Blogging is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. It is possible to express your views and experiences over a variety of topics and share your expertise and abilities with plenty of people. You may affect tens of thousands of people along with your humour and philosophies as well as entertain them. Some even say that blogging is a cathartic experience for the blogger.

But the best part of being a site writer is the simple fact that when done right and being enjoyed by many, bloggers may build a foundation for a thriving business generating a satisfying income from their blog in the future.

This is why starting with blogging ASAP is highly recommended!

What’s the Deal with Blogging?

Even if you’re still a student at school or uni – explore the endless opportunities of having your very own blog! You can turn it into so many things: from starting a diary to creating a hotspot for ideas and knowledge like Teacher Blogger did with TeacherToolkit. The possibilities are enormous. For more info check these simple guides (also if you are a parent or teacher wanting to help your child/student setting up a blog):

Ultimate Guide for best Web Hosting to start a Blog

how to start a blog

How To Start A Blog In 2021 And Make Money Blogging (5 Step Guide)

Where to Start as a Blogger?


Students-blogging-as-extracurricular-activity-for-learningThat is right, successful blogging has a high possibility of earnings. But of course, the same as the other business partnerships, there are a lot of preparations that need to be created first before a blogging enterprise can start generating money.

There are 3 basic phases: the development of your blog through traffic generation, promotion, and monetization.

The maturation of a site is like the growth of any site. The very first thing that you want to focus on is the blogging platform you will use for your own site. This stage takes care of all of the technicalities of running a site to be able to allow you to concentrate on the authentic blogging task. The platform supplies you with the capacity to publish your articles, handle blog comments in addition to the subject and the general design of your site.

Find the right Blogging Platform

Currently very popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.

If you decide to set up your blog with Blogger, Google hosts your website via a BlogSpot domain. Using Blogger as a platform is free, but you have to pay for your domain and the hosting. WordPress is a web host and blog platform and offers a basic free plan for your domain registration, hosting and use of the platform. However, this is a very limited offer and if you are serious about blogging, then it is ideal to create and buy your personal domain name and set it up along with your site platform with a web host that offers safety, flexibility and excellent customer service around the clock.

Please be aware that your blogs on both of these platforms can be removed and deleted at any time as you don’t own them.

If you want to really run your own blog, you can find great value web hosting with Namecheap or SeekaHost and set it up on where you might have to pay for certain themes and plugins, but you can rest assured that it’s yours and it can grow into a successful business website.

It is now easier than ever to set up a WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes with the SeekaPanel, a web hosting control panel designed for bloggers to easily register and host their domain. Check this video to see how easy and fast it is:

Enough about the blog set-up now, let’s move on to the actual blogging.

Make your Blog a Success by attracting Readers

Blog posts are the key to the success of a blogging venture. It’s how you will attract viewers to your site and have them coming back to it. Blogs thrive on website traffic and one of the greatest strategies to grow your traffic is by creating authentic, enlightening and very interesting posts.

Regularly updating your site with engaging content will surely build up your visitors and also increase the number of returning readers every day. If you want to learn more about writing enticing texts for the web, applying SEO strategies effectively and marketing your blog online then you can find an innovative digital marketing course here:

Sign up for a digital marketing course to learn the digital skills

Visitors sharing your links to your articles with their own circle of friends on various social media platforms will help your traffic to grow. Through recommendations and shares by your readers your blogger authority and trust will increase as well as your audience.

Generate an Income in many Ways

After a decent number of normal visitor traffic has been gathered, you can start thinking about monetizing your site in order to brand yourself as an expert blog author. The hottest way of monetizing a website with good traffic numbers is by using contextual ad networks like Google Adsense.

These networks show advertisements on your site that are associated with the topics of your blog posts. This way, the only advertisements that are shown are the ones that are relevant to a site’s readers. For each opinion or click on the advertisement, a blogger earns a few bucks. Thousands of views and clicks mean a whole lot of contextual ad revenue for the blogger plus a blog that generates earnings is a thriving site.


If you want to learn more about how to earn online and with a blog, check out:

Make Money Online ClickDo Guide

Top 100 UK Bloggers & Influencers Guide

However, you’ll only gain readers with high quality content so try to write about something you truly care and know about and you can contribute valuable concepts and knowledge about.

The best way to learn blogging is DIY so get started today!

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Jasleen Kaur is a young professional emerging as a digital marketing author and online Google reputation expert. A leading author in answering the most asked query “how to manage Google reviews“. She is the founder of marketinginfo, a US-based online marketing blog, specializing in SEO since 2012

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Manuela Willbold
Manuela WillboldEditor in Chief
Blogger and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.

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Manuela Willbold

Blogger and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.

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