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When it comes to sorting out your finances, the best time to start is yesterday, or better yet today.

And we’re not the only ones who believe in this mantra, which is why we have listed the best personal finance blogs in the UK in this article so that you can benefit too.

The earlier you start saving and sorting out your finances, the earlier you can stay out of debt or even invest your money. Therefore we encourage you to check out some of these frugal blogs in the UK.

Learn how to be clever with your cash from the young money blogs featured below.  Understand what steps you can take to ensure that in the next 5 years, you’re reaping the rewards of your financial knowledge from these prominent finance blogs in the UK.

Check out our list of the top 15 Money Blogs in the UK by students to find ideas, techniques and tools to help you look after your finances:

  1. Saving Scotts

    Saving Scotts is a great blog designed to offer practical, spot-on insights for students.

    Here you’ll find tips and articles about how to get out of debt, student job opportunities, how to run a profitable blog and make money from your hobbies or interests.

    It has a clean layout, making it easy to find the information you seek. Other blog posts include £5 dinners, saving money hacks and tips on how to invest your money now. If you’re studying in the UK and trying to make savings and start earning more online, you should certainly gain some knowledge from these clever Scotts.

    1. Thrifty Londoner

      Jennifer, the thrifty London writer, targets millennials in her blog. She shares experiences and tips on how to live a thrifty life in London.

      She moved to London in 2016 and with the high cost of rental and living expenses, realized she would need to figure out how to manage her finances to avoid spiralling into debt.

      Her tips include how to earn an extra income, how to save money and information about budgeting schemes she learned about to keep herself on track. She also gives handy student finance advice.

    2. Joleisa

      joleisa- student finance blogsJoleisa is run by two twins, Jo and Leisa, who started blogging in December 2016.

      They write in a light, interesting, no frills kind of way that makes you take note. They share tips on how to live frugally while still getting to enjoy what life has to offer.

      Some of their most popular tips on how to save cash and save money include how to make great meals on a tight budget, how to spruce up your home at minimal cost and unusual jobs that pay well. They also give student finance advice on their site.

    3. Bee Money Savvy

      Bee Money Savvy - student finance blogs UKThis blog, with its fun play on words, is the brainchild of Emma who writes for millennials just like herself.

      She posts tips on how to work from home to earn an extra income, how to improve at living on a budget, how to be a savvy shopper and more.

      She gives great updated student finance tips too. In addition to information and finance/savings related topics, she gives you a chance to win freebies!

    4. The Young Money Blog

      Young Money Blog - UK student finance blogsThis blog was created by Iona Bain to help young people and students become more financially savvy and aware of how to make their money work for them.

      Since 2011, Iona has become one of the top names in finance. She has also written a book entitled Spare Change, which has won an award.

      Her topics include savings hacks, how to get a money mentor and more. She also suggests a resourceful student finance calculator help you plan and budget.

    5. Your Money Sorted

      Your Money Sorted - student financeThis blog aims to help women become financially confident and take charge of their finances.

      The lady blogger helps young people understand how to calculate their student finance cost. She helps women establish a secure and happy relationship with money.

      Some topics she covers include simple tools for budgeting, ways to cut costs quickly, tips on choosing where to invest, a poverty mindset verses a motivated money mindset and more.

    6. The Frugal Cottage

      The Frugal Cottage - make money onlineThe frugal cottage is a blog that aims to inspire others with tips on how to save, budget, save more money and how to choose investment options.

      The tips shared are practical, real-life experiences and students can benefit from this blog. This is one of the most highly rated British student finance blogs and should be your go-to blog for everything finance related.

    7. Be Clever with your Cash

      Be Clever with your Cash - student finance blogsThis award-winning student finance UK blog shares great tips, hacks and deals for students and young working professionals.

      It offers tips and practical guides on how to make the most of your money. It also has a few topics on ways you can earn extra cash, however, if you keep spending and not saving, the vicious cycle continues, no matter how hard you work or how much money you make.

      It shows you how to be smart with your finances to guide you on making your money work for you.

    8. Thinking Thrifty

      Thinking Thrifty - student financeAuthor of the blog, David, sure has an interesting way of sharing information that makes it easy to read and easy to follow.

      He offers great advice and insights on how to earn an extra income, manage your finances and save.

    9. Quietly Saving

      This blog is run by Weenie and she is based in Manchester.

      She shares tips and hints she uses in her own life to help achieve financial independence with the ultimate goal of retiring early.

    10. The Money Whisperer

      The Money WhispererThe Money Whisperer is written by Emma and she shares tips on how to take full control over your finances to be able to make the most out of life and enjoy it to the fullest.

    11. Stupid Is The Norm

      This blog is written with the belief that anyone who is able to work can become wealthy, regardless of race, age, education or ability.

      Read strategies and hacks on how to manage your finances and generate wealth.

    12. Frugal Frenchie

      The Frugal Frenchie is Annelies’s way of sharing her personal tips on saving money and how to make the most of life on a budget and living frugally.

    13. Latest Deals

      Launched a few years ago, this blog has garnered over 50,000 members in a relatively short span of time.

      Latest Deals is all about earning money from home, bargain hunting and saving cash.

    14. Looking After Your Pennies

      Charlotte writes about ways to earn an additional income and she shares great tips on how to save money while adding a touch of eco-friendly living.

    Ready to stash that cash?

    The internet can provide a lot of valuable information to students via amazing blogs as listed here, providing useful tips for saving, frugal living, making some extra cash and starting to invest. Be sure to only read and follow bloggers that are established, like the ones mentioned here, as they truly provide valuable advice tested and approved by many of their readers and other bloggers.

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    Blogger and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.