How to Learn A Level Biology: 5 Simple and Effective Strategies

How to Learn A Level Biology

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The Higher 2 (H2) science subjects are the central pieces of the Singaporean science curriculum at the A-Level. Here we discuss how to learn A level biology.

Here students learn the science of life on a systems level from Primary 3 to 6, on a physiological level from lower secondary to O Level, then at a cellular and molecular level at A Level. This is comparable to the learning in STEM subjects in the United Kingdom.

Upon reaching the A Level, a student is expected to be able to have a good grasp of what they have learned thus far and that they will be able to apply their previous knowledge as they tackle life on a more microscopic level.

For British expats with children that are about to take on Biology for the A Levels in Singapore, here are some simple and effective strategies on how to prepare them best.

1. Set a Schedule for studying Biology

Set a Schedule for studying BiologyFirst and foremost, biology would demand time and attention. To conquer A Level Biology, you should set a study schedule where your child would be able to dedicate their attention and focus. During this time, your child should be free from distractions and should be equipped with the right resources so they are able to study effectively.

2. Find the learning Tool that works for your Child

Find the learning Tool that works for your ChildAs much as there are many different learning styles, there is also a myriad of learning tools available – even for biology. You and your child must work together to find the right learning tool for them.

To some students, making their own biology flashcards helps as not only will it be used later on for quizzing oneself, but the act of doing it helps in recalling the concepts they are writing and learning about.

Another common learning tool is note taking and writing down what they read, or even summarizing what they have read. It’s really a matter of finding methods and resources for learning that work for your child.

3. Find Opportunities for your Child to discuss or present what they learn

Find Opportunities for your Child to discuss or present what they learnActively communicating one’s knowledge of a subject, including Biology, helps the child recall the topic. Find opportunities where your child may be able to present to you, and then you can ask questions later to confirm their knowledge of the subject matter. Work together with your child during times when they have problems in elaborating a thought or are unable to answer your questions. This will also help to build their confidence.

4. Work with Practice Exams

Work with Practice ExamsA Level Biology comes with learning assessments to gauge your child’s understanding of the course. It is ideal to expose your child to various practice exams in subjects like Biology on a regular basis so they will become familiar with the usual topics and questions that they will face when taking official assessments. Your child would also be made aware of the format of the A Level exams so they will not be taken by surprise and feel ready and confident.

5. Seek Professional Help

Seek Professional HelpThe first 4 strategies are helpful in their own right. But if you want to identify the best strategy in helping your child master A Level Biology in Singapore, it is advisable to consult experts such as A Level Biology tuition services. British expat parents who may not have as much experience with Singapore’s education system will receive helpful information and advice about country-specific academic requirements.

The specialists in A Level Biology tuition know how to best apply the first 4 strategies, and would take it up a notch, further boosting your child’s education. They are also equipped with the necessary credentials, resources, and tools to teach biology to your child so that you will be sure that they get adequate guidance to learn Biology and other sciences on a deeper level.

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