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The Rise of AI Tutors: How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Personalised Learning

Artificial intelligence has made a significant leap in recent years, and its applications in education are proving to be groundbreaking.

Among the most compelling advancements is the emergence of AI tutors—virtual teaching assistants powered by sophisticated algorithms.

But how exactly are these AI tutors changing the education sector, and what does this mean for students and educators? Let’s see in more detail.

The AI Tutor: What is it?


As you can see, EdTech software development revolutionises the learning experience by providing endless opportunities for personalised learning. AI tutors are software programs designed to support and guide students through their educational journeys.

Unlike traditional classroom settings where teaching methods are generally uniform, AI tutors offer a previously unreachable personalisation level. By analysing student performance, learning styles, and preferences, these digital tutors provide tailored feedback and resources to address individual needs.

One key feature of AI tutors is their ability to adapt in real time. As students interact with the system, the AI continuously assesses their responses, adjusting the difficulty of tasks and offering hints or explanations as needed. This adaptive learning process ensures that students are neither overwhelmed nor under-challenged, striking a balance that promotes effective learning.

How AI Tutors personalise Learning

Personalised learning has long been a goal in education but implementing it on a large scale has proven challenging. AI tutors bridge this gap by offering a level of customisation that traditional methods often struggle to achieve.

Imagine a student who excels in mathematics but struggles with reading. An AI tutor can identify this disparity through analysis of the student’s interactions and performance. Based on this insight, the tutor might offer additional practice problems in reading or suggest targeted exercises to build comprehension skills.

The AI’s ability to pinpoint specific areas of difficulty and address them directly helps to tailor the educational experience to each student’s unique needs.

Another advantage of AI tutors is their capacity to provide instant feedback. Traditional classroom settings often involve delays in receiving feedback, which can hinder a student’s progress.

With AI tutors, students receive immediate responses to their queries and tasks, allowing them to correct mistakes and understand concepts more quickly. This instant feedback loop is critical for reinforcing learning and encouraging continuous improvement.

The Benefits of AI Tutors


The benefits of AI tutors extend beyond mere personalisation. They also offer scalability and accessibility, addressing some of the longstanding challenges in education.

For example, AI tutors can accommodate many students simultaneously, providing support that might otherwise be limited by the availability of human resources. This scalability means that quality educational support can be extended to students regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status.

Furthermore, AI tutors can offer support around the clock, making it possible for students to engage with learning materials at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility is particularly valuable for students with diverse needs and commitments, such as those balancing school with extracurricular activities or part-time jobs.

Challenges and Considerations

One primary concern is the quality of AI responses. While AI technology has advanced significantly, it is not infallible. For example, the AI may provide inaccurate information or fail to fully understand a student’s query. This limitation underscores the need for a balance between AI support and human oversight.

Additionally, there is the issue of data privacy. AI tutors rely on collecting and analysing large amounts of data to function effectively. Ensuring that this data is handled securely and ethically is a must. Educators and developers must work together to establish reliable data protection measures and maintain transparency about how student information is used.

Real-world Applications


Several educational platforms have already begun integrating AI tutors into their offerings. For example, platforms like Duolingo use AI to offer personalised language learning experiences, adapting lessons based on the user’s progress and performance.

In schools, AI tutors are being used to diversify classroom instruction. Teachers can use these tools to identify students who may need additional help and to provide targeted practice outside of regular class hours. This application of AI supports differentiated instruction and allows teachers to focus on more complex tasks.

Closing Thoughts

The rise of AI tutors represents a significant development in the field of education, offering personalised, scalable, and accessible learning opportunities. While there are challenges to address, such as ensuring the quality of AI interactions and safeguarding data privacy, the potential benefits are substantial.

In a world where personalised learning is becoming increasingly feasible, can we afford to ignore the opportunities that AI tutors present? The ability to tailor education to each student’s needs and provide immediate feedback is a compelling prospect. At the same time, it challenges us to consider how we can best use this technology to benefit all learners.

Best Family Camps Near London to Enjoy Quality Time During School Holidays

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to spend some quality time with your family during the school holidays, camping is a great option.

Camping allows you to enjoy the outdoors, explore new places, and bond with your loved ones over campfires and marshmallows with just a few camping essentials.

Even if you live in London or your children attend one of London’s best private schools, you don’t have to travel far to find a good campsite. There are plenty of fantastic UK campsites near London that offer a variety of facilities, activities, and scenery for families with children of all ages and interests.

Choosing the Perfect Camp for Your Family

With a diverse range of family camps to choose from, selecting the ideal location for your summer adventure depends on your family’s preferences and priorities. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Budget: Campsites like Lee Valley and Epping Forest offer budget-friendly options, while glamping experiences at Elessar or Feather Down Farms come at a premium.
  • Desired Level of Comfort: Do you seek a classic camping experience under the stars, or a touch of luxury with amenities like private bathrooms and hot tubs?
  • Activities and Interests: Consider the on-site activities and surrounding attractions that cater to your family’s interests. Farm stays offer unique experiences with animals, while locations near forests provide opportunities for walking, cycling, or even mountain biking.
  • Age of Children: Some campsites offer specific amenities or activities geared towards younger children, like playgrounds or organised games nights.

Here are some of the best family camps near London that you can visit for your next holiday adventure.

Disclaimer: Please note that the order has been arranged according to the number of social media followers from higher to lower and that all information shared was correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.

1. Luna Domes at Hoath House Kent


Website: https://www.lunadomes.com/

Luna Domes at Hoath House in Kent offers a unique glamping experience, perfect for families seeking a blend of comfort and adventure. Nestled within the historic grounds of Hoath House, these domes provide an ideal setting for a memorable getaway. The serene environment allows guests to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside.

Each dome is thoughtfully designed to ensure a cosy and enjoyable stay. Families can explore the picturesque surroundings, making the most of their time together. Whether you’re looking to relax or settle down to outdoor adventures, Luna Domes provides a perfect retreat for all.

Location: Hoath House, Kent

Perfect for: Families seeking a unique and luxurious glamping experience with a touch of history.

Rating and reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars with 56 reviews on Google.


  • Luna Domes offers a truly unique camping experience by providing spacious and stylish geodesic domes. These domes feature panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, allowing families to connect with nature in comfort.
  • Each dome is fully equipped with everything you need for a relaxing stay, including comfortable beds, a private bathroom with showers, a fully equipped kitchenette with a microwave, fridge, and toaster, and even a media console with a wireless charging function.
  • Each dome boasts a private balcony with a dining area and lounging furniture, creating a perfect space for families to relax and enjoy al fresco meals. Some domes even offer the option of a gas BBQ with an oven function, ideal for family cookouts under the stars.
  • For an extra touch of luxury, some Luna Domes come equipped with private hot tubs, allowing families to soak and unwind after a day of exploring.
  • Nestled on the grounds of the historic Hoath House, Luna Domes offers a glimpse into the past. Families can explore the surrounding manor house and learn about its rich history.

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2. Feather Down Farms


Website: https://www.featherdown.co.uk/

For a truly unique and unforgettable family adventure, consider Feather Down Farms, a collection of luxury camping sites across the UK. They offer a variety of glamping options, from opulent farmhouse stays to charming yurt villages, all nestled within stunning countryside locations. Feather Down Farms in Stratford-upon-Avon, just a short drive from London, provides a delightful base for exploring the heart of Shakespeare’s country.

Location: Carlton Bedfordshire, Tunbridge Wells Kent, Alton Hampshire, Colchester Essex and Pett East Sussex.

Perfect for: Families seeking a luxurious glamping experience with a variety of locations to choose from.

Rating and reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars with 24 reviews on Google.


  • Offers a variety of glamping accommodation options, from luxury safari tents to cosy shepherd’s huts, all beautifully furnished and equipped with modern amenities.
  • Many locations boast on-site restaurants or cafes, making mealtimes effortless.
  • Hot tubs and other spa-like amenities are available in some locations for ultimate relaxation.
  • Children’s play areas, activity programs, and entertainment options to keep families engaged.
  • Many locations are situated in stunning natural settings and offer access to outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.
  • Wood-burning stove, private bathroom, and furnished patio in each unit
  • On-site swimming pool, playground, and organised activities

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3. Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park


Website: https://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/

Lee Valley Camping and Caravan Park is an ideal destination for families seeking an active and exciting holiday. Located within the expansive Lee Valley Regional Park, it offers a variety of outdoor activities for all ages, including biking, riverboating, and hiking.

Just a short distance from London, the campsite provides countryside serenity with scenic meadows, a playground, sports fields, and a network of cycling and walking paths. Nature lovers can explore the park’s opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

Location: Lee Valley Regional Park, Hertfordshire

Perfect for: Active families seeking adventure and convenience.

Rating and reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars with 457 reviews on Google.


  • On-site fishing lake for a relaxing afternoon with the family.
  • Playgrounds, a swimming pool, and a crazy golf course to keep kids entertained.
  • Well-maintained amenities including toilet blocks, showers, and laundry facilities.
  • Choice of spacious pitches for tents, caravans, or motorhomes.

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4. Beech Estate Campsite East Sussex


Website: https://pegsandpitches.co.uk/

Beech Estate Campsite is a woodland campsite that offers forest camping and wild glamping bell tents. You can pitch your own tent or stay in one of the furnished bell tents that come with beds, bedding, rugs, chairs, and fire pits.

You can also enjoy bucket showers, compost toilets, picnic tables, and barbecue areas on site. Beech Estate Campsite is located in a private estate near Battle, and it’s close to Hastings and Rye. Beech Estate Campsite is great for families who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Location: East Sussex Woodlands

Perfect for: Families seeking a traditional camping experience with a focus on relaxation.

Rating and reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars with 172 reviews on Google.


  • Set within 100 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside, offering stunning views and peaceful surroundings.
  • Choice of camping pitches in sheltered woodland areas or open meadows.
  • On-site fishing lake and a children’s play area for family enjoyment.
  • Family-friendly events and activities are organised throughout the season (check the website for details).
  • Well-maintained amenities including toilet blocks, showers, and a laundry room.

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5. Elessar (formerly Plush Tents Glamping Sussex)


Website: https://elessar.events/

Elessar, formerly known as Plush Tents Glamping Sussex, offers a luxurious glamping experience in the heart of Sussex. Nestled in serene meadows, Elessar provides an idyllic retreat for families seeking a blend of comfort and nature. The site is designed to ensure a memorable stay, with thoughtfully arranged accommodations that cater to relaxation and adventure alike.

Guests can immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings, enjoying the beauty of the countryside. Elessar’s unique setting and amenities make it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature in style.

Location: South Downs National Park, Sussex

Perfect for: Families seeking a luxurious glamping experience with a touch of adventure.

Rating and reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars with 233 reviews on Google.


  • Beautifully furnished glamping tents equipped with comfortable beds, seating areas, and even wood-burning stoves in some options.
  • On-site pizzeria serving delicious wood-fired pizzas for a convenient and tasty meal option.
  • Hot tubs are available in some glamping tents, perfect for a relaxing soak under the stars.
  • Fire pits and communal areas for families to gather and enjoy evenings outdoors.
  • Wide range of activities available nearby, including horse riding, kayaking, and exploring local castles.

Updated Info: Now operating as Elessar Events, offering enhanced guest experiences and sustainable practices.

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6. Alde Garden in Suffolk


Website: https://aldegarden.co.uk/

Alde Garden is a small and charming campsite that offers a variety of accommodation options, from yurts and bell tents to gypsy caravans and woodland hideouts. The campsite also has a communal kitchen, a shower block, a wildlife pond, and a fairy-lit bar.
Alde Garden is located in a secluded garden in the village of Sweffling, and it’s close to the Suffolk coast and the town of Framlingham. Alde Garden is ideal for families who want to enjoy a cosy and magical camping experience.

Location: Suffolk countryside

Perfect for: Families seeking a unique glamping experience with a focus on sustainability and wellness.

Rating and reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars with 61 reviews on Google.


  • Offers a variety of eco-friendly glamping pods and shepherd’s huts, constructed with sustainable materials and minimising environmental impact.
  • Set within a beautiful wildflower meadow, promoting biodiversity and fostering a connection with nature.
  • On-site wood-fired pizza oven for a fun and delicious family activity.
  • Daily yoga and wellness classes are available for adults (check website for the schedule).
  • Nearby Aldeburgh beach is a short drive away, perfect for a day spent building sandcastles and paddling in the sea.
  • Outdoor swimming pool and nature trails on-site

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7. Holden Farm Camping in Hampshire


Website: https://www.holdenfarm.co.uk/

Immerse your family in the charm of rural life at Holden Farm Camping in Hampshire. This working farm offers a unique opportunity for families to connect with nature and learn about farm life. Pitch your tent or rent a shepherd’s hut nestled amidst rolling fields, with friendly farm animals like sheep, pigs, and chickens as your neighbours.

Enjoy farm tours, participate in seasonal activities like apple picking or egg collecting, and make lasting memories in the heart of the countryside.

Location: Hampshire countryside

Perfect for: Families seeking a working farm experience with a touch of luxury.

Rating and reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars with 235 reviews on Google.


  • Situated on a working farm, offering opportunities to learn about farm life and interact with animals.
  • Well-equipped camping pitches with electric hookups for added convenience.
  • Spacious camping barn with comfortable seating, a wood-burning stove, and a children’s play area – perfect for socialising and relaxing.
  • Farm shop selling fresh local produce and homemade treats.
  • Nearby attractions like The New Forest National Park and Peppa Pig World for family fun.

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8. Epping Forest Camping and Caravan Site


Website: https://www.visiteppingforest.org/accommodation/campsites

Epping Forest Camping and Caravan Site offers a serene escape into nature, perfect for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Located within the picturesque Epping Forest, this site provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Guests can enjoy the tranquil environment and explore the lush greenery that surrounds the campsite.

The site is well-equipped to ensure a comfortable stay, with various facilities available for visitors. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or embark on outdoor adventures, Epping Forest Camping and Caravan Site provides an ideal setting for a memorable camping experience.

Location: Epping Forest, Essex

Perfect for: Families seeking a peaceful escape amidst nature.

Rating and reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars with 816 reviews on Google.


  • An abundance of walking and cycling trails perfect for exploring the beautiful surroundings.
  • Wildlife spotting opportunities – keep an eye out for deer, foxes, and various bird species.
  • Basic amenities cater to a more traditional camping experience.
  • Campfires are permitted in designated areas (check regulations for updates).

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Final thoughts

Discover the finest family camps near London, providing a great escape for excellent bonding during school holidays. These camps offer the ideal balance of excitement and relaxation, helping to create invaluable memories and creating bonds between family members. Enjoy the outdoors, laugh with others, and make memories in the middle of nature while recharging your batteries for the new school term ahead.

If you want us to add a suggestion here based on your experience, please get in touch with us!

uPass Review: Essential Tool for Bypassing AI Detection with an Undetectable AI Rewriter

In an era where AI writing tools have become ubiquitous, the demand for sophisticated AI detectors and undetectable AI rewriters has surged.

Academics, professionals, and students constantly seek reliable solutions to ensure their work surpasses the scrutiny of AI detectors. Therefore, AI tools enjoy popularity as they often offer the support people look for.

Among the various tools available, uPass has positioned itself as a unique solution, promising not only to bypass AI detection but also to enhance the originality and human-like quality of written content.

This review delves into the effectiveness, features, and overall utility of uPass, especially in the context of academic and professional writing.

What is uPass?

uPass emerges as a dual-purpose tool, designed to counter the evolving capabilities of AI detection algorithms. It captures attention with its undetectable AI rewriter and integrated AI detector, offering a seamless way to adapt AI-assisted content for academic submissions, professional documents, and any textual content requiring assurance against AI detection. Its comprehensive approach suggests a potential paradigm shift in how we manage the integrity and originality of digital content as there remains uncertainty about whether using AI is considered cheating in education.


Undetectable AI Rewriter: A Closer Look

Bypass AI Detectors with Precision

The undetectable AI rewriter within uPass is engineered to transform texts in a way that evades detection by leading AI detectors. Specifically aiming at Turnitin, along with a lineup of other prominent AI detectors, uPass claims to offer over 90% human scores. This feature not only promises to bypass AI detection efficiently but also maintains the essence and integrity of the original message.

Beyond Traditional Paraphrasing Tools

Contrary to standard paraphrasers that might shuffle words or substitute synonyms, uPass targets the structural and stylistic elements that AI detectors flag. This approach enables it to produce content that mirrors human writing more closely, making it a tool that can genuinely claim to aid in producing undetectable AI content.

AI Detector: Multi-Platform Analysis

An integral part of uPass is its all-encompassing AI detector. Unlike single-platform checks, it consolidates AI detection results from multiple platforms, offering a thorough assessment of the content’s detectability. This functionality is invaluable for users who aim to ensure their written work stands up to various AI detection tools, providing a comprehensive check that covers a broad spectrum of AI detection algorithms.

Features and Benefits of uPass

Image from uPass website

Guaranteed Plagiarism-Free Outputs

One of the standout promises of uPass is its ability to generate content that is not only undetectable by AI detectors but also plagiarism-free. The rewriter crafts unique expressions of existing ideas, ensuring that the output passes through plagiarism checks with flying colors—be it Turnitin, Copyleaks, Grammarly, or others.

Academic and Professional Versatility

The adaptability of uPass across various disciplines and writing styles is noteworthy. Whether for essays, research papers, or other professional documents, uPass pledges to humanize and refine the output to match specific academic or professional standards without compromising quality or accuracy.

User Experience and Reliability

With testimonials from users across disciplines, uPass has garnered positive feedback for its reliability and ease of use. The tool’s ability to streamline the writing process, coupled with its contribution to maintaining text integrity, sets it apart in the crowded field of AI assistive writing tools.

The Ethical Consideration

While uPass presents a technologically sophisticated solution to bypass AI detection, it’s paramount to consider the ethical implications. The intention behind using such a tool must align with the ethical standards and integrity policies of educational institutions and professional fields. uPass encourages responsible use, emphasizing the importance of honesty in academic and professional endeavors.


uPass stands out as a pioneering tool in the realm of undetectable AI rewriters and AI detectors. Its unique proposition of transforming AI-generated content to surpass AI detectors, coupled with its plagiarism-free output guarantee, makes it a compelling choice for students, academics, and professionals. As AI detection technology continues to evolve, tools like uPass will undoubtedly play a critical role in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital content. However, the ethical use of such technologies remains a collective responsibility.

The 10 Best Online Tutoring Platforms in the UK

The Online Learning Platforms market in the United Kingdom has grown significantly due to evolving customer preferences for flexible and accessible education. Modern learners, particularly busy professionals and students, value the convenience of accessing diverse courses at their own pace. Unlike traditional face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring proved to be most effective during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, even after the pandemic, online tutoring is the preferred tutoring method of many parents, teachers, and tutors, and working online in education is growing in demand. User penetration in the Online Tutoring market is expected to reach 18.4% by 2029. The competitive landscape has driven innovation and quality improvements, with established educational institutions contributing to market growth by offering online courses. Strong macroeconomic factors, such as the UK’s robust economy, high internet penetration, and government support for lifelong learning, further support this market expansion.

Along with this growing trend, it gets harder to choose the best tutors online as we find increasingly more providers on the internet. It is therefore important to know all the options to narrow down the most suitable options.

Disclaimer: The information in this post was correct at publication but may be subject to change. The list below has been prepared according to the number of social media followers, which ranges from high to low.

So, here are 10 of the best-rated online tutors in the UK for you to explore.

1. GoStudent


Website: https://www.gostudent.org/

One of the top online tutors in the UK whom the UK Education Blog recently interviewed at the EdTechX summit in London, has taken the UK market by storm, especially during the pandemic. GoStudent offers customised online tutoring classes and is beginning to implement AI for more individualised learning.

Best features of GoStudent:

  • All students are matched with the right tutor according to their individual learning goals and personality.
  • The online platform offers optimum flexibility in terms of schedule or location.
  • GoStudent elects teachers following a multi-stage interview and selection process so that only the best tutors are added to the community.
  • Students can get support from tutors at all levels ranging from primary school to high school diploma.
  • Students can enrol in a free trial session with any of the top tutors at GoStudent to test the platform’s functionality.
  • Offers new VR language lessons meant for students over 13 years of age.
  • A digital whiteboard makes all study sessions highly interactive.
  • All learning materials are shared to help students stay on the same page.

Subjects Covered:

The GoStudent portal offers 30+ subjects taught by 23000+ tutors in 15 countries across the globe. Some of the popular subjects are Math, Physics, English, Chemistry, Accounting, Latin, Biology and many more. The levels include Level Tutoring, GCSE Tutoring, 11 plus exam Tutoring, KS4, Tutoring, etc.

  • Primary school tutoring
  • Secondary school tutoring
  • Long-term academic support
  • Homework help
  • Exam revision
  • Preparation for re-sits


Pricing of one-on-one tutoring starts from £30.49 per lesson for 4 lessons of 50 minutes each. You can avail of 8 lessons in a month of 50 minutes each by paying £24.49 per lesson. Click here to learn about the different pricing plans that vary according to your membership duration and the frequency of lessons.

Reviews and Ratings:

With 4.2 stars out of 5 stars and 15671+ reviews on Trustpilot

Social Media:

App Download:

App Store

Awards and Accreditations:

GoStudent was the recipient of the 2022 EdTechX Scale-Up Award

2. Superprof


Website: https://www.superprof.co.uk/

SuperProf is a teaching community of more than 20 million teachers from across the globe. It is spread across 42 different countries and imparts knowledge in 14 different languages.

Best features of Superprof:

  • This is one of the most popular teacher marketplaces in the world with the involvement of 40 countries.
  • Here, after the student is enrolled, the fees will vary according to tutors. It is not the same for all tutors and it is different for all 40 countries.
  • There are over 1,000 subjects available on Superprof, which eases the way for students to learn different subjects from a single platform. For learning, they are trusted by many students and their parents.
  • You can explore the available subjects according to your city in London.
  • Students can sift through the profiles of tutors and filter them according to experience, price, and qualifications.
  • It is possible for students to contact the tutor to organise the lesson either online or at their preferred location.
  • The Superprof platform offers complete flexibility to students in terms of lesson format whether group or individual sessions.
  • A simple interface makes it easy for users to find and connect with tutors in a few clicks.

Subjects Covered:

  • Languages
  • Musical Instruments
  • Academics
  • Personal development and many more.


  • In the UK, it’s £39 per month; it is roughly equivalent in other countries, allowing for exchange rates.

Reviews and Ratings:

Most of the reviews of super prof are positive. This online tutoring platform has garnered 4.1 out of 5 stars with 1378 reviews on Trustpilot.

Social Media:

3. MyTutor


Website: https://www.mytutor.co.uk

MyTutor is the UK’s most trusted tutoring platform by parents. The tutors are experts in over 30 subjects from KS2 up to GCSE and A Level, so the schools use them to support their teaching.

Best features of MyTutor:

  • All the tutors are handpicked from the UK as they have undertaken the same course at their school level and can guide students accordingly.
  • MyTutor works with 1500 tutors across the UK to bridge the learning gaps of students and assist them in attaining their educational goals.
  • All the students are matched with the perfect tutor according to their preferred subject, level & board.
  • Interactive learning sessions can make even the dreaded subjects highly fun.
  • MyTutor’s interactive online learning platform allows students to learn at their own pace without leaving the comfort of their homes.
  • Students can interact with tutors on a real-time basis.
  • All the lessons are recorded for revision, which helps students understand the topic better by recalling the material taught.

Subjects Covered:

The courses offered are of both School Subjects and Career Related. The courses include:-


  • GCSE English
  • GCSE Physics
  • A level French
  • A Level of Biology and many more


  • Communication Skills
  • University Prep


Tutors set their prices based on their experience and qualifications. For further clarification click here.

  • Novice tutors can expect between £22-32.
  • After gaining 6 months experience, tutors can charge between £33-43
  • Accomplished tutors with excellent reviews can charge £44-55

Age 15-18 Children can be enrolled in Career Related Courses.

Reviews and Ratings:

MyTutor has received 4.6 out of 5-star ratings with 3425 reviews on Trustpilot. Similarly, it shows 4 stars out of 5 on Google My Business reviews.

Social Media:

Awards and Accreditations:

My tutor has been the finalist and award winner in various competitions. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • MyTutor is a finalist in the Bett Awards 2018
  • Education Investor Awards has given the Best private tutoring company award to my tutors in the year 2018

4. TutorHunt


Website: https://www.tutorhunt.com/

TutorHunt is a premier online tutoring platform offering online and in-person classes across all educational levels, from primary to degree and adult education. TutorHunt is known for its customisable and accessible educational solutions. The platform features a user-friendly interface and responsive design, facilitating seamless navigation and flexibility for lessons anytime and anywhere. TutorHunt’s commitment to transparency, with clearly displayed rates and reviews, builds trust and ensures users receive high-quality service.

Best features of TutorHunt:

  • Students can make the most of interactive lessons while sitting in the comfort of their homes through the whiteboard, which allows screen sharing, dual-way video, and document uploading.
  • A simple scheduler makes it easy to manage all your lessons under one roof.
  • All tutors are ID-checked & referenced. They also have an enhanced DBS for guaranteeing student safety.
  • A built-in messenger helps to contact tutors without any upper limit before deciding on your perfect pick.

Subjects Covered: Popular subjects are maths, biology, English, chemistry, science, physics, geography, and history. You can choose tutors for primary, KS3, GCSE, A-level, degree, adult learner, and IB.

Pricing: Prices start from £12/hr.

Reviews and Ratings: TutorHunt has received 4.8 out of 5 stars with 3859 reviews in Trustpilot.

Social Media:

5. Tutorful


Website: https://tutorful.co.uk/

Tutorful was born out of the belief that by bringing all the best tutors together in one place you could help anyone find the perfect tutor for them. They are now also providing one-to-one tuition.

Best features of Tutorful:

  • They offer special teaching for anyone preparing for any specific exam like GCSE. Here, you can compare thousands of tutors and then choose the one you want to go forward with your learning.
  • You can choose amongst 5595 tutors who have been handpicked after enhanced DBS checks.
  • With the flexibility of Tutorful, students can easily fit the lessons around their schedule.
  • Tutorful monitors all communication between teacher and student, making it a safe choice for education.
  • Students can access an intuitive whiteboard making the learning session highly interactive.

Subjects Covered:

Here is the list of the most popular subjects in which they offer tuition. These are just courses under which many subjects still come so you may get the widest range possible.

  • Math
  • English
  • Science
  • Language
  • Music
  • Humanities and Arts
  • SATs
  • Computing
  • Special Educational Needs


Lessons with the tutors will vary in price depending on the level of study, the subject selected, and the experience of the tutor.

  • Sessions generally cost between £15 and £75 per hour. you can learn about the charges of different tutors by clicking here.

The courses available are available for all age groups in need of tutoring.

Reviews and Ratings:

This online tutoring platform has a solid rating of 4.4 out of 5 from a total of 3797 reviews on Trustpilot. Moreover, most of the customers strongly recommend joining here in their reviews about this online platform.

Social Media:

App Download:

Awards and Accreditations:

In the year 2017, Tutorful won the “Northern Stars Award”, the UK’s most exciting pitch competition despite tough competition.

6. FirstTutors


Website: https://www.firsttutors.com/uk/

First Tutors have thousands of tutors nationwide, covering a wide variety of subjects. There are no minimum or maximum limits on the number of hours you can book a tutor. The services can be accessed 24/7.

Best features of First Tutors:

  • You can search for tutors according to your geolocation. You can learn about the areas covered by clicking here.
  • Students can choose between online private coaching and face-to-face training.
  • First Tutors run a thorough background check on all tutors to guarantee complete peace of mind for students and their parents.
  • Students can discuss syllabi and share their diaries with the tutors.
  • You can choose amongst 60000+tutors spread across the UK.
  • Customer support offered 7 days a week can offer fast help to student grievances.

Subjects Covered:

First Tutors helps in finding a tutor for any subject and level. Many courses including the classes are of:

  • Academic
  • IT
  • Business
  • Dance
  • Language
  • Arts & Crafts


  • First Tutors – £9.99 – £34.99

The fees can vary according to the tutor’s price per hour which makes the service affordable. Tutors’ average fee is £18 per hour tutors charge upwards of £9 per hour)

The courses available are available for all age groups who require tutoring.

Reviews and Ratings:

It has got 4.8 stars out of 5 stars with 4639 reviews submitted on Trustpilot.

Social Media:

Awards and Accreditations:

First tutors have always been in the media coverage for their great services. Moreover, they have won many awards such as,

  • Education Investor Supplementary Education Provider of the Year (we’ve won and been nominated as a finalist several times in this category).
  • Dedipower Sunday Telegraph Digital Awards (national finalists)
  • Working Mum Awards – Best SME (national finalists)
  • Big Chip Awards – Best eBusiness (winners)

7. TutorHouse


Website: https://tutorhouse.co.uk/

TutorHouse is one of the leading tutoring platforms in the UK. They offer tuition for both online and in-person students from across the country and the globe. Their goal is to make learning accessible to everyone, no matter their age, level, or budget.

Best features of Tutor House:

  • They provide 30-minute free trials with a tutor to check if they are the right one for you.
  • You will get the recorded classes if you have missed any.
  • A rigorous interview and training process helps handpick only the best tutors.
  • Interactive lessons allow students to record their session alongside audio & video sharing capabilities.
  • Students don’t have to pay any additional fee apart from the tuition cost.
  • TutorHouse offers a 100% money-back guarantee to students.

Subjects Covered:

TutorHouse has an expert teaching faculty who teach subjects like Spanish, English, Physics, Law, French, Chemistry, Math, etc in their courses. The courses include

  • Common Entrance
  • UCAS & University
  • A-level retake courses
  • Homeschooling

TutorHouse provides tuition from the age of homeschooling to adulthood. They tutor for Common Entrance Examinations for ages 11 to age 13 as well.


  • The teachers, once selected and interviewed, are allowed to set their prices based on their experience. The payment style is flexible, and the deals come in pay-as-you-go, bulk bookings, or package deals.

Private online tuitions start from £20/hr up to £90. You can click here to find tutors and filter out your choice according to subjects & price.

Reviews and Ratings:

On the most trusted website, Trustpilot, TutorHouse has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars, with 50 reviews from the learners.

Social Media:

8. Edumentors


Website: https://edumentors.co.uk/

Edumentors aims to help students gain entry to their dream universities, build confidence, and develop a passion for learning. Focused on GCSE and A-level students, the platform offers comprehensive subject support and guidance in personal statement writing, university applications, and career planning. A distinctive feature of Edumentors is its recruitment of tutors who are current students at top UK universities, enabling them to connect with their tutees both academically and emotionally.

Best features of Edumentors:

  • Students can benefit from the free trial with tutors before actually booking their sessions.
  • Per session payment mode makes it more economical for students on a stringent budget.
  • If a student is unhappy with the tutor, they are replaced by Edumentors at no additional cost.

Subjects Covered: At Edumentor, you can find tutors for traditional subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and language, or mentoring courses like personal statement, career guidance, university interview guidance, and university application guidance. The tutors can be filtered according to different levels like GCSE, A-level, 11+, IGCSE, National 4 & 5, KS1, KS2, KS3, and IB.


  • Per session, pricing ranges from £1 to £150. By clicking here, you can filter out a tutor of your choice according to your budget.

Reviews and Ratings: Edumentors has received 4.7 out of 5 stars with 90 reviews in Trustpilot.

Social Media:

9. FleetTutors


Website: https://www.fleet-tutors.co.uk/

Fleet Tutors has helped over 100,000 students across London, the UK, and internationally, achieve the results they need in entrance exams, public exams, or catching up with their peers. Tutors come to your home or the location of your choice, and they also tutor online.

Best features of fleet Fleet tutors:

  • You can choose amongst tutors who are experts in different subjects, educational levels, and professional exams.
  • All the tutors registered on this platform undergo stringent background checks, making the service fully safe for students.
  • Fleet Tutors offers a bespoke homeschooling programme which can be accommodated to the pupil’s existing schedule.

Subjects Covered:

A wide variety of courses is offered which include several subjects like maths, science, English, geography, history & language of varying levels such as:

  • Under 10s
  • 7+11+13+Common Entrance
  • A Level
  • IB Tutors
  • Special Needs Education


£75.00 / per-pupil. You can call up the customer representatives at Fleet Tutors by dialling 01252371731 and enquire about the prices directly. Alternatively, you can fill in this form by clicking here to get a call back with the best tutor suggestions.

Reviews and Ratings:

Fleettutors have received ratings of 3.3 stars out of 5 with 13 reviews on indeed.com and 5 stars out of 5 with 7 reviews on Facebook.

Social Media:

10. Ostado

Website: https://ostado.uk/


Ostado is an online tutoring platform with 8 years of experience offering services to more than 200K students. With over 1 million hours of tutoring, it now provides services in the international market focusing on STEM subjects and exam preparations such as GCSE, A-level, 11+, 13+, KS3, and more.

Best features of Ostado:

The 4-stage hiring process for tutors ensures students about the quality of the sessions. It provides affordable private tutoring so everyone can benefit from quality education online without geographical boundaries. There are also a variety of prices according to tutors’ qualifications you can choose from.

Subjects Covered:

  • Maths
  • Combined Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Exam preparation:
  • Key stage 3
  • GCSE
  • 11+
  • 13+
  • A-level


The prices start from £15 with an average of £29 according to the tutor’s experience, qualification, and subjects covered.

Final Thoughts

After considering all the available online tutoring options, you should be able to pick and choose the providers most suitable for your student’s or child’s needs. Analyzing and planning our moves even if they are for the basic level ultimately shapes our future.

Choosing from the best tutors in the UK we can now decide for ourselves which suits the best for us. Select the best and learn from the best today!

For further queries, get in touch with us here.

The 33 Cheapest Dorm Room Essentials For University or College

Starting Uni/College life is a massive deal for all boys and girls out there.

It is exciting and thrilling to think of the new life ahead of you, but this might also make you feel a little nervous and wonder about all the things you will need to carry along with you on this journey. As per the latest UK student statistics, 2.2 million new students will require accommodation within 2026.

Life will be bittersweet at college or university, but something can be a little easier for you if you have the proper companions with you in your dorm room that would save you from last-minute hassles.

This guide will provide you with the ultimate list of affordable dorm room essentials that are a must-have for all the students who are starting their new life at college or university, and obviously, we have made this list as pocket-friendly as possible.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this post was correct at publication but may be subject to change. All the products in this list have been ranked on the basis of cost from lowest to highest. We have added product links from Amazon as the platform offers very competitive deals and an easy shopping experience, but you can also purchase these products directly from the seller of your choosing. 

1. Undated Planner


Being a student is no joke! With everything from class assignments to project submissions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s where a planner is handy, ensuring you meet all the critical deadlines. Plan your week or month to avoid those pesky schedule clashes, like your hot date overlapping with that science seminar you registered for months ago. Opt for an undated planner with gorgeous illustrations and dedicated sections for meal plans, your top three priorities, and even your water intake. With plenty of space for notes, it’s the perfect tool to keep your day organised and stress-free. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a more manageable college life!

2. Photo Clip String Lights


Transform your dorm into a festive wonderland with photo clip string lights! These fairy lights aren’t just for illumination—they’re a mood. Battery-operated and colour-changing, they adapt to your every whim. Use the attached clips to showcase your favourite pics, whether family, friends or your latest adventure.

3. Alarm Clock


Morning classes are the toughest for students, but an alarm clock can ensure you’re always on time. Think of it as your mom away from home, waking you up every day without fail. Choose from various designs and alert tones to find the perfect one that suits your style and gets you out of bed.

4. New Bed Sheets


What’s the first thing that makes us fall in love with a hotel room? Those crisp, inviting bed sheets beckon us to dive straight into comfort and luxury! The same goes for a dorm room, which will be your home for the upcoming semesters. Investing in clean cotton bed sheets is one of the best and most economical ways to enhance your room’s look and feel. While there are various materials, cotton reigns supreme for its comfort. Opt for classic white to keep things neutral and chic, or go for vibrant colours to add a pop of personality to your room. With the right bed sheets, you’ll feel like sleeping in a five-star hotel every night!

5. Cutlery Set


This cutlery set is so useful, and it comes in handy even though you may think you won’t need it, you will do it. It caters to all your needs and gathering moods. Want to have some Asian food? There are your chopsticks. Want to have a proper elite meal? There are all types of spoons and forks. A cutlery set is all the tableware you need, and these are also very travel-friendly and light.

6. Bulletin Board


Want to stay organised during your college years? Get a bulletin board! It’s like having your mini-announcement board right in your room. Stick up everything from ‘To-Do’ lists and exam timetables to pictures of your loved ones. Are you sharing a room? A bulletin board is the perfect place to leave messages for your roommates. Stay on top of everything and keep your space looking neat and personalised!

7. Makeup Organiser


If your dorm is spacious, you just probably got lucky, but that is not the case in most instances. Makeup organisers prove to be a boon and are one of the most common dorm room essentials for girls. It is an excellent way to keep your things organised so that you will not find them lying here and there and you will not end up losing them. These are super cheap and effective too for other accessories like jewellery or stationery.

8. Compact Party Speaker


Are you tired of the tinny sound from your laptop or phone? Upgrade to a compact speaker and bring the beats to your dorm. Modern speakers offer crisp sound and enough bass to keep the party going. Look for ones with long battery life and LED lights to enhance your party atmosphere. Let the good times roll!

9. Blackout Curtains


If you are a light sleeper and can quickly wake up when the morning sunlight hits your room, then blackout curtains will save you every day. You need to make sure to have a good sleep at college because that is the least you can ask for to keep going with the hectic student. These blackout curtains will be your sleep saviour, and you might get used to using these even after your college days are over.

10. Desk Lamp


You can never forget a light as this is essential for every student. You need a lamp at your study desk because that is where you will spend most of the time before your exams. You will need a good lamp that will light up your study table enough for you to study for hours without any inconvenience.

11. Slippers


You will need these to keep yourself warm and keep your feet off the nasty dorm room floors. We all know that dorm room floors are very messy, and these slippers are just way too cosy and comfortable rather than your feet touching the cold, dirty floor all the time. These can be considered dorm room essentials for boys and girls, depending on the style of course.

12. Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Stay hydrated with a stainless steel water bottle that matches your dorm room vibe. These bottles come in cool patterns and have insulated coatings to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. Plus, you can choose from fun lid options like chug lids and straw lids. Hydration has never looked so good!

13. Laundry Basket


You will surely need one or two of these because it will be a bothersome job for you to carry your clothes from your dorm room to your laundry room. These bags are easy to carry and are stylish too. They can hold a lot of your clothes and are an environmentally-friendly option.

14. Storage Cubes


Storage cubes are pretty aesthetic, and they hold in a lot more things than you think they will do. They can be used as TV stands or bedside tables too. So, why not get one of these?

15. Non-slip Hangers


You do not want your clothes falling off from your hangers, and landing on the ground, and these non-slip hangers prevent it from happening. If you are a freak for cleanliness and organisation, this will be your lifesaver.

16. Extension Cord and Power Strip


These are some of the most underrated and cheap dorm room essentials, and they will prove to be very helpful for you once you get your hands on them. Your dorm room may or may not have a lot of plug-points. You will have only two to three plug-points at max, and we assure you that you will need more than that. The extension cord and power strip are convenient because you can also put USB cords into them.

17. Cosy Bedroom Rug


Nothing beats the comfort of a soft, shaggy rug in your dorm room! Imagine relaxing with your favourite novel after classes or lying down with a tub of popcorn for a Netflix binge. A rug made of non-shedding fur gives you that luxurious feel underfoot. Plus, with a non-slip bottom, it stays perfectly in place. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, you can easily find the perfect fit for your space. Your dorm room just got a whole lot cosier!

18. Stackable Trash Cans


Stackable trash cans cannot not be on the list of dorm room essentials. It just must be there to keep your room clean and non-smelly while not being in the way.

19. Storage Ottoman


This multi-purpose dorm room essential can help you out with many things. You can store clothes or any other stuff in this, and this will also provide you with extra seating space in the room. It will also not occupy much of your dorm room space. We strongly recommend having it in your dorm space, and it is super cute and affordable.

20. Towel Wrap


You will certainly need these because most dorms have communal bathrooms, and you will have to carry everything with you from your room to the communal bathroom, without little to no privacy here. And you do not want to embarrass yourself with your towel falling off in the student hall, especially if you are in a co-ed dorm – unless of course, it attracts the right attention.

21. Over-the-Door Mirror


You must have this in your dorm. This is essential and will also not take up much of the space in your dorm room. You can have a good look at your outfit before you leave for a night out with your friends or a party and these mirrors look oh-so-aesthetic in your dorms.

22. Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover


Do you have a seminar to attend, but your wrinkled blazer is playing spoilsport? Don’t let wrinkles come in the way of your success. Get a wrinkle remover that features detachable attachments like a soft brush, a lint brush, and a creaser for that fabulous look time and again.

23. Bed Shelf


A mini-bed shelf will be able to hold all your essentials starting from your laptop, mobile phone, books, and anything else that you prefer to keep around you by your bed. You do not have to carry the things to their respective places and can keep them beside you on these shelves when you doze off to sleep after a long and tiresome day. These are cheap and fancy and, to be honest, super cute.

24. Sound Machine


All light sleepers must get this for themselves. Your dorm room will not just be for you, you will have roommates, and you cannot always expect them to keep quiet. This sound machine blocks off all the external noise, and this will not just be useful for light sleepers but is also a dorm room essential for literally everyone because you can use this while studying.

25. Mini Vacuum Cleaner


Oh yes, we all need a clean dorm room, and yes, we cannot have substantial vacuum cleaners because they take up too much space, if your dorm room is not a huge one, then these mini vacuum cleaners will save the day for you. Some dorms offer vacuum cleaners, and some do not. However, if they provide you with a vacuum, they are ancient and do not serve the purpose. So, it is better to keep a mini vacuum cleaner handy, especially after those late-night parties.

26. Dinnerware set


You must always have your own set of bowls and plates as at university often stuff gets mixed up among roommates. Honestly, it is a lot more hygienic too. So, this needs to be in your dorm room essentials checklist.

27. Lap Desk


Youth is about living your best life, not complaining about shoulder and back aches. Enter the lap desk! This handy tool lets you work from your couch, bed, or chair without sacrificing comfort. Look for one with a phone slot, mouse pad, and dual-bolster cushion. Plus, with so many colours, it can be a stylish addition to your dorm room. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to productivity!

28. Fluffy Pillows


Sleeping well is vital to feeling fresh and ready to conquer the day. And let’s not underestimate the power of a fluffy pillow in ensuring you get the rest you deserve. Nowadays, you can even opt for orthopaedic options that promise the ultimate comfort and ensure you wake up pain-free. Treat yourself to a pillow that supports your neck and spine while enveloping you in fluffy bliss. Say goodbye to restless nights, and hello to sweet dreams!

29. Mini Fridge


If you want to store some drinks or keep the veggies and fruits fresh, you will need that mini-fridge in your dorm because it will significantly help you if you are a fitness freak.

30. Amazon Fire Stick


All work and no play? No way! With an Amazon Fire Stick, your downtime becomes a blast. Have you got a TV in your dorm? Just plug in the Fire Stick, and boom—your TV is now a smart console. Dive into YouTube, binge on Netflix, explore Hulu, and more. Endless entertainment is just a click away!

31. Mini Keurig


You are surely going to become a coffee lover at college. It does that to you. Night after night, you will be spending your time with a bunch of books and a cup of coffee, and it will become your morning essential too. So, having a mini-Keurig will prove very useful for you because caffeine will be the only thing to keep you going through college or university.

32. Microwave


Do you have the green light to keep a microwave in your UK accommodation? Sweet! This little gadget is more than just a food heater—it’s your ticket to whipping up mini meals and delicious cupcakes in your room. Just follow the presets and enjoy culinary delights at your fingertips!

33. Futon


A futon is the fanciest thing you can get, and it will change the look of your entire dorm room and instantly add a classy, glamorous touch to your dorm space. The best part about it is it will be your perfect hangout spot whenever your friends visit you in the dorm. We suggest you get a fake leather futon because it is easier to clean.

Now you’re ready for Dorm Life

The above-mentioned items should be on the list of all the dorm room essentials you should get to make it through college or university. They will make your hectic life a little more hassle-free and more accessible. Make sure to add these top cheap dorm room essentials to your dorm room essentials checklist before heading off.

If you want us to add a suggestion here based on your experience, please get in touch with us!

The Best 16 Online Learning & Teaching Platforms to Close the Attainment Gap

Why should you learn from teachers in your immediate area when you can learn from global leaders? Why cram textbooks, when there is a more immersive learning environment waiting for you?

There are new products for education every day, and it is difficult to keep up with all of them. We are passionate about learning and education, that’s why we compiled a curated list of online learning platforms and tutoring services that families can use to enhance homeschooling and remote learning.

Even though the kids have returned to their full-time schools, they still require additional support to catch up with what they have been missing out on academically. 

Families and educators can utilise the below education resources and platforms in the different academic subjects and areas of learning to narrow the attainment gap so that students are less likely to fail exams and tests post-pandemic and beyond.

Disclaimer: the information provided in this post is subject to change and was correct at the time of publication. The below list has been prepared according to the number of customer reviews and ratings from higher to lower.

1. Duolingo


Website: https://www.duolingo.com/ 

Duolingo provides free language learning resources that are available to anyone with internet access, regardless of their socio-economic background. This accessibility ensures that individuals who may not have access to traditional language learning opportunities, such as expensive courses or private tutors, can still acquire valuable language skills.

Duolingo’s gamified learning experience makes language learning engaging and enjoyable, appealing to learners of all ages and abilities. The platform adapts to your learning style and improves quickly as you progress. According to a study, 34 hours of Duolingo are proven to be as effective as a semester at a university. Duolingo also offers language teachers to add students, share activities with them and track their progress. 

Overall, Duolingo’s free, gamified, and personalised approach to language learning contributes significantly to narrowing the attainment gap in the UK by providing accessible, engaging, and effective language education to learners from diverse backgrounds.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars with 23.1M reviews on Google Play.

Cost: Free 

Social Presence:

You can learn more about it here: “How to prepare for English tests with popular free language-learning apps”.

2. Kahoot! kahoot.

Website: https://kahoot.com/ 

Learning maths through gamification is very effective. Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that has nearly 40 million monthly active users. The platform makes it easy for maths teachers and tutors to create, discover, play, and share gamified lessons for all ages. Deemed a powerful pedagogical experience, Kahoot is easy to use even for teachers with no tech knowledge. It also lets you create online video courses and tests with multiple-choice answers.

By making learning fun and interactive, Kahoot encourages active participation and engagement among students, thereby enhancing their understanding and retention of educational content. Through features like team-based challenges and group discussions, Kahoot encourages students to work together to solve problems and achieve shared learning goals. 

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars with 694K reviews on Google Play

Cost: The basic plan for students is at £4.99/m, the premium plan is at £9.99/m and the max plan is at £11.99/m.

Social Presence:

3. edX


Website: https://www.edx.org/ 

Deemed the best place to learn about technology, edX provides thousands of courses in various streams of technology. The catalogue consists of “verified” courses from top universities around the world like Princeton, Harvard, and MIT. Most courses are self-paced and align with the latest syllabi. You can also get a verified certificate for a nominal price on completion of the course requirements. Learning via edX is fun and interactive with live forums, video lectures, examinations, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Under the leadership of CEO Paul Lalljie and Chief Academic Officer Anant Agarwal, edX facilitates access to affordable and career-relevant learning opportunities for millions of individuals. By leveraging technology and innovation, edX connects learners worldwide with high-quality educational resources and courses. Through their platform, learners can acquire valuable skills and knowledge to advance their careers and achieve personal and professional growth. With a focus on accessibility and relevance, edX plays a crucial role in expanding educational opportunities and reducing global learning barriers for learners.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars with 104K reviews on Google Play

Cost: Free.

Social Presence:

4. Khan Academy


Website: https://www.khanacademy.org/

Khan Academy is a free and non-profit organisation to provide a world-class education to everyone. Khan Academy is used in more than 190 countries with over 115 million registered users and nearly 20 million learners per month.

The content is created by experts and the lessons align with the K-12 standard curriculum. The platform gives teachers the ability to identify gaps in students’ understanding, tailor instructions, and personalise their learning. The platform has a section for SEN education and information too.

Apart from covering all academic curricular subjects they also cover life skills like growth mindset and personal finance and provide career guidance. On the Khan Academy Kids YouTube channel with daily circle times primary school children can find engaging stories and more.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars with 164K reviews on Google Play

Cost: Free

Social Presence: 

5. British Council


Website: https://www.britishcouncil.org/ 

The British Council in the UK plays a pivotal role in reducing the attainment gap through a multifaceted approach. It facilitates international education programs, fostering cultural exchange and providing students with opportunities to access resources and broaden their horizons. These programs enrich students’ educational experiences, promoting global awareness and understanding that can enhance academic attainment.

The British Council is the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to learning English. The LearnEnglish Kids platform supports students to practise English at home with online games, quizzes, and activities. The world’s English-teaching experts also have articles and videos for parents to aid their children in learning English, which is suitable for multilingual children with English as an additional language (EAL).

Ratings and Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars with 40.4K reviews on Google Play

Cost: Free.

Social Presence:

6. Busuu


Website: https://www.busuu.com/ 

Busuu, a leading language-learning platform, is making significant strides in reducing the attainment gap in the UK through its innovative approach to education. One of its key contributions lies in democratising access to language learning, particularly for individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. 

Moreover, Busuu’s community aspect fosters collaboration and cultural exchange, enabling learners to connect with peers and native speakers from around the world. These connections can lead to valuable networking opportunities and cross-cultural understanding, further enhancing learners’ socio-economic mobility.

Busuu makes learning languages efficient via 100 lessons created by expert linguists. It uses machine learning (ML) technology for speech recognition and personalising study plans. You can also get instant feedback or written and spoken lessons from native speakers. You can self-pace the learning on your desktop or your phone with the mobile app.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars with 16K  reviews on Trustpilot

Cost: £4.99/month for the 12-month premium plan.

Social Presence:

7. Course Hero


Website: https://www.coursehero.com/ 

Unlike some other tutoring companies in this field, Course Hero offers subject matter experts who do not necessarily have a degree in education or are licensed teachers the opportunity to share their expert knowledge online. This is perfect for programmers and coders who have outstanding skills and want to share them with students in middle school or who are already at a post-graduation level.

Apart from computer science, students can also study subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, Physical Sciences, Accountancy, Economics, Management Studies, and several more.

Course Hero in the UK can aid students with supplementary resources to deepen their understanding and enhance academic performance. Additionally, it supports educators by providing tools for lesson planning and collaboration, thus contributing to the quality of education. By promoting lifelong learning and facilitating knowledge sharing, Course Hero plays a role in fostering a more informed and educated society in the UK.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars with 14.3K reviews on Google Play

Cost: Free.

Social Presence:

8. Matific


Website: https://www.matific.com/ 

Matific is a collection of online mathematics activities suitable for K-6 students aligned to their local curriculum, it enables problem-solving and critical thinking through discovery and is academically proven to improve test scores and reduce anxiety in maths learning. Students can use the maths activities at school and home, but they can also get access to a personalised digital path where the activities are automatically adjusted to their maths learning levels.

Through its adaptive learning technology, Matific offers personalised maths activities and games that adapt to each student’s skill level and learning pace. This personalised approach ensures that students receive targeted support and practice in areas where they may be struggling, ultimately improving their maths proficiency and confidence. By making maths learning fun, accessible, and effective, Matific helps bridge the attainment gap by empowering students to develop essential numeracy skills and succeed academically.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars with 10.6K reviews on Google Play

Cost: Free trial available. Course fees start from £4.92 per month for the yearly plan. 

Social Presence:

9. Lingoda


Website: https://www.lingoda.com/  

Lingoda is an innovative online language-learning platform founded in 2013 by brothers Fabian and Felix Wunderlich. It offers live, interactive classes in English, German, Spanish, and French, taught by native-speaking teachers. Lingoda’s flexible and immersive approach allows students to join classes 24/7 from anywhere in the world, making it accessible to a global audience. 

One of Lingoda’s standout features is its structured curriculum, designed to cater to all proficiency levels, from beginner to advanced. The platform provides personalised learning paths, ensuring that each student’s specific needs and goals are met. Additionally, Lingoda offers small group classes and private lessons, fostering a more engaging and effective learning environment. Its affordability and flexible scheduling remove common barriers such as geographical location, time constraints, and financial limitations.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars with 4.9K  reviews on Trustpilot

Cost: A free trial is available for 7 days. The pricing for learning the German language starts from £159 per month. 

Social Presence:

10. Code.org


Website: https://code.org/ 

The platform has been rated the best free online platform for learning computer science. It has a wide array of coding resources for K-12 students categorised by subjects. If you’re looking to begin computer coding and programming, this platform is pretty good for beginners, but it also offers advanced coding programs.

One of the key ways Code.org helps narrow the attainment gap is by offering engaging and accessible curriculum materials that make learning computer science fun and approachable for students. Their curriculum is designed to be inclusive and adaptable, catering to diverse learning styles and abilities. By providing free access to high-quality resources, Code.org ensures that all students, regardless of their socio-economic background or prior experience with technology, have the opportunity to learn essential computational thinking skills.

Code.org inspires students around the world and has 1.6 million experienced teachers. The platform is also available in 67 languages and 180+ countries and offers an “hour of code” for students who simply want to familiarise themselves with coding and programming. By providing free resources, curriculum, and support for educators, Code.org empowers students from all backgrounds to develop the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world, ultimately fostering greater equity and opportunity in education and beyond.

Ratings and Reviews:  4.7 out of 5 stars with 4.1K reviews on Facebook.

Cost: Free.

Social Presence:

11. Minecraft Education Edition


Website: https://education.minecraft.net/en-us 

Minecraft Education Edition has extended free resources to assist educators, students, and their families to explore immersive virtual worlds, and participate in fun challenges and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning and it teaches problem-solving and coding mainly with programming language Python. You can download Minecraft Education Edition on Mac, iPad, Windows, Chromebook, and Android devices, and access a wide array of educational content.

If you’re looking for ready-to-use ideas and lesson plans, you can browse the Education Category at Minecraft Marketplace or you can read more about it here.

Ratings and Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars with 3.6K reviews on App Store.

Cost: The cost of Minecraft Education is $5.04 per user per year for eligible educational institutions, or $12 per user per year for those not eligible. For precise pricing including local currency and tax details, IT Admins can visit admin.microsoft.com and add Minecraft Education licences to their cart..

Social Presence:

12. Twinkl


Website: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/ 

Twinkl offers a wide range of resources and materials for teachers, parents, and students. It provides an extensive library of teaching materials, including lesson plans, worksheets, interactive activities, and printable resources, covering various subjects and grade levels.

By providing tools and support to address the unique needs of every learner, Twinkl helps create more equitable opportunities for academic success and educational attainment. The platform also provides educational games and activities to make learning fun for children. Twinkl is also making exciting strides in AR education material to augment immersive learning.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1.2K reviews on Trustpilot

Cost: The pricing options for the service are as follows: Ultimate provides full access starting from £8.49 per month, free teaching resources are also available.

Social Presence:

13. Math Make Smart


Website: https://mathmakesmart.com/ 

Math Make Smart Ltd is a professional UK-based online tutoring platform dedicated to delivering international standard education to students worldwide. Their ambition is to demonstrate that online tutoring can be more productive than traditional in-person tutoring. By offering a free trial class, they invite prospective students to experience their innovative approach firsthand and make an informed decision about continuing their educational journey with Math Make Smart Ltd.

Math Make Smart Ltd is committed to providing top-notch educational services that cater to diverse learning needs, making high-quality tutoring accessible to everyone. Striving to play a pivotal role in the world of online tutoring, Math Make Smart Ltd aspires to become a leading community for societal development. They aim to foster a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally, ultimately contributing to the betterment of society through education.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars with 187 reviews on Trustpilot.

Cost: Price starts from £110/Month for the age group of 1-4. Free trial class is available. 

Social Presence:

14. Code Week


Website: https://codeweek.eu/ 

Code Week aims to bring digital literacy to everyone at the grassroots level in an engaging way. People with little or no coding skills can get started with easy toolkits, learning material, lessons, and activities. EU Code Week promotes inclusivity and diversity in coding education. Events and activities organised during Code Week are designed to be accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience. 

The courses are available in all EU languages across 180 countries. On top of that, the platform provides a list of online resources to learn and teach coding from home and for teachers. EU Code Week plays a vital role in promoting coding and digital literacy across Europe, contributing to the development of essential skills for the future and fostering a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and lifelong learning.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars with 62 reviews on Trustpilot.

Cost: Free.

Social Presence:

15. Learn4Life


Website: https://learn4life.org/

Learn4Life provides a learning opportunity for students who are from more deprived sections of society by providing online maths tutoring with specialist maths teachers. Tutors have the responsibility of mentoring the students and providing them and their parents with updates by phone, email, and messaging services.

The organisation offers a free and innovative approach to education, catering to students who struggle within the traditional high school model due to various reasons such as work commitments, teenage parenthood, family caregiving responsibilities, or a desire for a non-traditional learning environment. Through personalised learning initiatives, Learn4Life empowers students to succeed by tailoring educational programs to their unique circumstances and needs. By providing flexibility and support, Learn4Life helps bridge the gap for students who may otherwise face obstacles in obtaining their high school diploma and achieving life success.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars with 55 reviews on Facebook.

Cost: They are a nonprofit and state-funded organisation, allowing students to participate in these programmes free of charge.

Social Presence:

16. ClubZ Tutoring


Website: https://clubztutoring.com/ 

ClubZ Tutoring finds the right match between the student and the tutor. Answer a few questions about your subjects, schedule, location, and availability to find expert teachers. You can video chat with the tutors and check their certificates and credentials before finalising them.

By offering in-home and online tutoring options, Club Z ensures accessibility for students across various locations and circumstances. Through its focus on one-on-one instruction and personalised learning plans, Club Z contributes to the educational advancement and success of students, thus benefiting society as a whole. By addressing learning gaps early on, Club Z! helps prevent students from falling behind academically and supports their overall academic development.

Ratings and Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars with 17 reviews on Yelp.

Cost: Free.

Social Presence:

In a world overflowing with innovative educational resources and platforms, the possibilities for enriching learning experiences are limitless. Why limit oneself to traditional textbooks and local instructors when global education leaders are just a click away? The curated list of online learning platforms and tutoring services presented here opens doors to a universe of knowledge, offering tailored solutions that cater to diverse learning styles and needs.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of education, let us embrace the transformative power of technology and innovation to bridge the attainment gap. By harnessing these cutting-edge tools and platforms, families, educators, and learners can chart a course towards academic success and lifelong learning. Together, let’s embrace the digital era of education and embark on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and limitless possibilities.

What To Do Next?

The list is full of various platforms for online learning, online teaching and online tutoring. We understand that you’re spoilt for choice. So how do you choose which one is best? Every student, tutor and teacher is unique and requires a different approach, hence it’s all about finding the right platform and service that serves your purpose best.

Find more fun and free online games and online teaching and tutoring platforms on the UK Education Blog and be smart about which online learning, teaching and tutoring resources you use.

If you want us to add a suggestion here based on your experience, please get in touch with us!

14 Best Free Math Apps for Kids At Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced children to learn and study from home and online due to school closures all over the world because of a government-imposed lockdown. This has led to many challenges in education for teachers, students, and parents. 

This has certainly given rise to online resources families can use at home to improve their children’s learning and to ensure they’re not lagging in their academic achievements. Many schools, tutors, and teachers make use of online learning programs and apps to enhance learning and they can be particularly useful for subjects that will be tested in important exams like mathematics. 

As one of the core subjects in the English national curriculum, mathematics is certainly one discipline to focus on with your child. We have therefore researched and listed the top 14 free maths apps for children to support their learning at home.

They can help your child prepare better for the academic year and upcoming math exams.

Note: some apps may be free to download, but may have in-app purchases that incur charges. 

Disclaimer: all app details listed are based on the latest information available at the time this post was published. The list contains top-rated apps based on customer ratings and the number of reviews from higher to lower.

14 Best Math Apps for Kids

1. Khan Academy Kids


 Khan Academy Kids is an exceptional maths app for young learners. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, interactive activities, personalised learning paths, and expert development—all without ads or subscriptions. Parents appreciate its research-based content and engaging interface, making it a top choice for early childhood learning.

It is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Key features

  • Offers access to 100+ educational games and activities covering every aspect and topic related to maths.
  • It is powered by interactive experiences that are both educational and entertaining.
  • Activities can be tailored to a child’s learning style and pace.
  • Parents and teachers can track progress and monitor the child’s learning journey.
  • Safe and child-friendly environment, with no advertising or in-app purchases.
  • The app content is based on the latest research in childhood development and learning, designed to align with early childhood education standards.

Age Group 2 to 8 Years

Price Free

Ratings and Reviews – 4.3/5 with 45.3T Reviews on Google Play Store

Khan Academy Kids for Android

Khan Academy Kids for iOS

2. Kahoot by DragonBox


DragonBox “Kahoot!”, is an award-winning learning game that gives your child a perfect introduction to maths and the foundation they need for future maths learning. Kahoot app offers various versions as per the child’s age and requirements. Rather than focus on repetition and memorisation, the game helps kids gain an intuitive understanding of numbers – what they are, how they work, and what you can do with them.

It’s available on iOS, Android and web versions too.

Key Features 

  • It is made up of four unique activities that build number sense through gameplay.
  • Each activity focuses on building understanding, flexibility and fluidity with numbers rather than memorising simple facts.
  • The characters used in the app help the kids to understand the behaviour and relations of numbers with each other, enabling them to learn on their own while exploring the DragonBox universe.
  • The DragonBox apps cover a wide range of maths topics, from maths basics for young kids (Kahoot! DragonBox Numbers) to advanced algebra for school students (Kahoot! DragonBox Algebra 12+)
  • Kids won’t be exposed to any ads or in-app purchases, and there are no distractions.

Age Group – 4+

Price: Free for beginning, subscription for kids starting from £3.99/m.

Ratings and Reviews – 4.6/5 with 10.4T Reviews on Google Play Store  

Kahoot for IOS

Kahoot for Android 

3. Moose Math


Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose is a playful maths-focused instructional game for children. It allows kids to make smoothies, create paintings, play bingo, and much more. Each game introduces new concepts such as numbers, shapes, addition and subtraction, measurements, and fundamental arithmetic. Moose Math provides five distinct games for children to practise their maths abilities. A progress report feature enables parents and childcare professionals to keep track of each kid’s performance and give further assistance as necessary.

It’s available on all iOS and Android devices.

Key Features

  • Ideal for young children who are working on basic maths topics such as number recognition, counting, and basic addition and subtraction.
  • Kids earn rewards which encourage them to get more and more in the app activities.
  • Includes a Report Card section where parents and teachers can monitor the progress of each child and learn about new skill-building activities.
  • 5 engaging common core standard maths activities.
  • Moose Math is aligned with Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.

Age Group – 3 to 7 Years 

Price – Free

Ratings and Reviews – 4.3/5 with 1.61T Reviews on Google Play Store 

Moose Math for IOS 

Moose Math for Android 

4. Photomath


PhotoMath is one of the most used maths apps in the world. It is a mobile app that uses computer vision technology to solve mathematical problems. Offers a unique, tech-savvy approach to showing solutions to maths equations.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Key features

  • The app lets users get solutions to maths problems by scanning the problem with their camera.
  • Covers a wide range of mathematical areas, from elementary maths to arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and even word problems.
  • Offers step-by-step explanations for each problem. This makes it easy to learn to solve similar questions in the future.
  • Available in 30+ languages and supports coursework from 200+ countries
  • Getting started with PhotoMath is free, albeit with limited features. An upgrade option is available in the form of an in-app purchase called Photomath Plus.
  • Photomath Plus includes animated, AI-powered tutorials and custom solutions.
  • Offer fun printables for teachers to use in the classroom along with other community-curated resources.

Age Group Everyone 

Price Free, Premium plans starting from £5.99

Ratings and Reviews – 4.5/5 with 3.04M Reviews on Google Play Store

PhotoMath for iOS

PhotoMath for Android

5. Microsoft Math Solver


Microsoft Math Solver is another AI-powered tool to help students understand and solve maths questions for free. It shows solutions to maths equations and allows users to explore related content to the original maths problem. The app supports many maths topics from pre-algebra to calculus and often provides more than one method to find a solution.

It is available on the web (comes integrated with the Edge browser) and can be downloaded as an app for Android and iOS devices.

Key features

  • Offers step-by-step solutions for maths problems across topics like algebra, calculus, and geometry.
  • Utilises AI and machine learning to understand and interpret students’ questions.
  • It Leverages Image Recognition thus, allowing students to take a picture of a problem to get the solutions.
  • Has a comprehensive library of formulas, theorems, and mathematical symbols to refer to.
  • Provides detailed explanations for each step of a solution, helping students build a deeper understanding of maths concepts.
  • Instantly visualises any problem in the form of graphs.
  • Students can search for additional resources like related videos and worksheets for the problem they are trying to solve.
  • Works in multiple languages including Spanish, Hindi, German, etc.

Age GroupEveryone


Ratings and Reviews – 4.5/5 with 230K Reviews on Google Play Store

Get Microsoft Math Solver for Android

Get Microsoft Math Solver for iOS

6. Socratic By Google


Socratic, the AI-powered learning platform acquired by Google, excels in mathematics education. Through text and speech recognition, it surfaces relevant content to help students understand complex concepts and complete homework assignments. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Socratic accurately predicts which concepts will aid students in solving their questions. Its extensive analysis of millions of real student queries ensures a valuable learning experience for maths enthusiasts.

It is available on Android and iOS devices and can also be accessed via the web app.

Key features

  • It can be used to get instant answers to questions.
  • Machine Learning is used for understanding students’ questions and personalised answers and explanations are provided.
  • Supports learning through image recognition. Solutions to problems can be sought simply by taking a picture of the question.
  • Answers are sourced from a wide range of places from textbooks to online educational resources.
  • Helps develop a deep understanding of complex concepts with step-by-step guidance and explanations.
  • Aligned with the US and UK curriculum, among other international educational standards.
  • Allows sharing questions and collaborating with peers for further understanding.

Age Group 12+

Price Free

Ratings and Reviews – 4.4/5 with 156K Reviews on Google Play Store 

Socratic by Google for Android

Socratic by Google for iOS

7. Prodigy Math


ProdigyMath is an adaptive maths platform. It works to engage students and make learning fun in a fantasy world while teaching various maths concepts. All with teacher and parent tools to support their child’s learning in class and at home.

ProdigyMath is available as a web app and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Key features

  • Offers personalised maths resources and curriculum for students, which matches their pace and style of learning.
  • Has over 50,000 maths questions and problems aligned with the US and Canadian curricula.
  • The app offers real-time feedback and guidance.
  • Gamifies the learning experience by creating fantasy worlds and letting students earn rewards and unlock new levels.
  • Parents and teachers can get reports on student performance.
  • Leverages several visual aids, such as interactive graphs and animations.
  • Let students play with peers in a safe online environment.

Age Group 1 to 8 Grade 

Price: Free

Ratings and Reviews – 4.1/5 with 53.5K Reviews on Google Play Store

Get ProdigyMath for Android

Get ProdigyMath for iOS

8. GeoGebra


GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics software that combines geometry, algebra, and calculus. The large number of tools available allows students to explore many areas of maths and see how they connect.

It’s available as a web app and as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Key features

  • Let users work with a wide range of mathematical concepts including geometry, algebra, calculus, and more.
  • Visualises mathematical concepts in 2D and 3D videos and animations.
  • Users can create and manipulate geometric constructions and algebraic equations.
  • Includes several tools like sliders, graphs, and animations to help understand various mathematical concepts.
  • Includes a wholesome library of resources and tutorials that facilitate learning.
  • Teachers can distribute homework and assignments.
  • Includes access to several GeoGebra tools and resources, such as the GeoGebra Classroom and the GeoGebraTube.

Age Group – 4+

Price – Free 

Ratings and Reviews – 4.2/5 with 47.7K Reviews on Google Play Store

Get the complete suite of GeoGebra apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and the Web here.

9. Cuemath


Cuemath is an after-school online maths excellence programme for children between KG and Class 12. It offers brain training, live online classes with expert maths tutors, maths games and other tools for kids to build problem-solving skills and elevate their IQ. The classes are managed and run by trained and certified Cuemath teachers from premier institutes. Cuemath is present in 20+ Countries. 

It is available on all iOS and Android devices.

Key Features

  • 1:1 group instructions with engaging puzzles, and interactive visuals to teach maths as intuitive logic.
  • It has a self-paced curriculum keeping the learning pace of students in mind.
  • Maths is approached as a life skill wanting children to be maths literate and not view maths as just a school subject.
  • The curriculum has been designed by maths experts with a strong focus on building mental aptitude and creative reasoning while covering the school curriculum.
  • The Cuemath program follows a learning-by-doing approach. Students learn maths by working out problems on their own under the watchful guidance of their teacher.
  • Tab-based maths games increase mental aptitude and challenge a child’s accuracy and speed while also building their mathematical aptitude.
  • With Cuemath’s advanced curriculum, students stay 2 years ahead of their class.

Age Group – 5 to 18 Years

Price – The first demo session is free, and paid sessions start from £15/class for 12 months

Ratings and Reviews – 4.2/5 with 41.5K Reviews on the Google Play Store

Cuemath for IOS

Cuemath for Android 

10. IXL Learning


IXL’s award-winning personalised learning platform is used by more than 15 million students worldwide. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualised guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner. It is an immersive learning experience that provides comprehensive, curriculum-aligned maths content.

It is available on the web as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Key features:

  • Monitors the progress through a unique scoring system—the SmartScore!
  • Whether you’re looking for skills aligned with the state standards, textbooks, or an upcoming assessment, IXL has a skill plan to match.
  • When a student answers a question incorrectly, they’ll see a detailed explanation for how to solve the problem they missed. 
  • It helps students master topics and practice questions outside of the classroom.
  • IXL Learning provides personalised learning experiences for each student.
  • IXL has over 5,000 skill plans that are perfectly aligned to standards, textbooks, and high-stakes assessments.

Age Group – 4 – 16 Years

Price Free, Premium plans starting from £7.99/m

Ratings and Reviews – 4.3/5 with 28.7K Reviews on Google Play Store 

Get IXL Learning for Android

Get IXL Learning for iOS   

11. Brainscape Flashcards


Brainscape Flashcards is a mobile app for helping hyper-focused learners. It also has a web-based platform to help students learn and retain information through the use of flashcards. Brainscape’s online flashcards optimise studying by repeating harder concepts in the perfect interval for maximum memory retention.\

Brainscape’s maths app for pre-K kids is based upon decades of cognitive science research into how the brain is fundamentally hardwired to learn. The spaced repetition learning algorithm is scientifically proven to help the kids learn TWICE as fast as any other method.

Key features

  • Students can create, study from, and share custom flashcard sets on every topic from  Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, and beyond.
  • Provides a structured, yet entertaining and effective way for kids to become fluent in the concept of numbers, counting, comparisons, and values, while engaging them with games and rewards to motivate their learning.
  • It covers the fundamentals of early maths education with engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics, adorable collectables, and a curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards.
  • Encourages kids to solve the question problem from scratch, then turn over the flashcard to reveal the answer.
  • Teachers can set up class pages, invite students, use flashcards for teaching, and assign homework too. Later on, student performances can be analysed and weaknesses can be identified.
  • Using digital flashcards helps in studying anytime, anywhere without fatigue.
  • You can get started with Brainscape Flashcards for free and upgrade when you require more customised solutions.

Age Group 3 to 9 Years

Price Free 

Ratings and Reviews – 4.5/5 with 8.27K Reviews on Google Play Store

Brainscape for iOS

Brainscape for Android

12. Monster Math


Monster Math is a fun maths program designed to make your child love Maths and build strong Maths Fact fluency. It’s great for developing confidence and helping your child fall in love with learning maths. Topics covered include the 4 operations, geometry, fractions and decimals.

It’s available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • It has specially designed, new maths games for kids to help your child be the best in their grade while having fun.
  • They are designed to give a maximum number, multiplication tables, and basic long division practice.
  • A neuro-inclusive Maths facts program that’s perfect for kids with ADHD
  • Designed to help your child develop and practise number sense. 
  • They also provide many maths activities in the form of printables – so that offline play can augment digital games for fun maths learning.

Age Group – Grades K to 5

Price – Free, Premium Plans starting from £9.99/m*

Ratings and Reviews – 4.4/5 with 3.69K Reviews on Google Play Store 

Monster Math for IOS

Monster Math for Android

13. DoodleMaths


DoodleMaths by Discovery Education is specifically designed to boost children’s maths confidence and ability. Aligned to the national curriculum, this app for maths helps every child transform maths practice into a fun and rewarding adventure!

The maths questions featured in DoodleMaths are tailored to each child’s age, year group and skill set. It’s available as a mobile app for iOS and Android and a web app.

Key Features 

  • Created by teachers and aligned to the EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 curriculum, for kids to learn the fundamentals of maths through fun & personalised practice.
  • Creates a unique work programme for each child using the latest adaptive technology to fill the gaps in their knowledge.
  • Replaces boring worksheets with interactive exercises, cool maths games and fun characters to keep learning maths fresh and exciting.
  • DoodleMaths can be used offline and on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, letting children learn anywhere, anytime!
  • Doubles academic progress with 10 mins of use a day*

Age Group – 4 to 14 Years

Price – Free, Premium Plans starting from £7.99/m*

DoodleMaths for IOS

DoodleMaths for Android

Ratings and Reviews – 4/5 with 2.87K Reviews on Google Play Store

14. Colorado’s PhET


PhET is an interactive simulation project developed by the University of Colorado Boulder. It provides students with engaging simulations to help them learn science and maths concepts. Tests are conducted for students in the form of interviews and observation of simulation use in classrooms.

Colorado’s PhET is available as an iOS,  Android, and web app.

Key features

  • 160 interactive simulations, 115 language translations, and 3229 teacher-submitted lessons.
  • Allows exploration and experimentation with scientific concepts in a hands-on, game-like manner.
  • Simulations align with several international educational standards.
  • Supports all learning styles and abilities as the simulations are accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Offers scope for offline learning as well as translations for a multilingual set of learners.
  • Teachers get access to tips, video primers, and other resources shared by the community.

Age Group 3 to 13 Years

Price Apps available for download at less than a pound

Ratings and Reviews – 5/5 with 469 Reviews on Google Play Store

PhET for iOS     

PhET for Android

Test the Math Apps with your Child

Hopefully, this list of fun and effective Apps will inspire you on what to look for in a high-quality Math App to provide your child at home with maths challenges suitable for their age and level. We recommend you first check, download, set up, and test the apps you have chosen with your child to see how they get on with the learning.

If you want us to add a suggestion here based on your experience, please get in touch with us!

How to Find the Right Student Accommodation in the UK

Finding the right student accommodation is essential to guaranteeing a happy and rewarding university experience. We get it, the search for the best digs can be daunting when there are so many options out there… But fear not!

We’re here to guide you through the maze and make the process less stressful and more of an enjoyable adventure. Let’s get started.

Understanding Your Student Accommodation Options


If you’re planning to live away from home while studying at any top UK university, you’ll probably realise there are loads of options to choose from.

The UK offers a diverse range of student housing which varies from city to city, each with its unique benefits and considerations. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant community of university halls, the convenience of shared student accommodation, or the independence of private houses and flats, there’s something for everyone.

1. University Halls of Residence

University halls are often the first port of call for freshers. They provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in student life, make new friends, and adjust to university life within a supportive community. Halls tend to come in two flavours: catered, offering the convenience of prepared meals, and self-catered, allowing you the freedom to cook for yourself. Living in university halls is a great way to ease into university life, with the added bonus of being close to your lectures, the library, and campus facilities.

2. Shared Student Accommodation


Shared student accommodations from private providers like Sanctuary Students are purpose-built residences that cater specifically to students’ needs. They’re modern, secure, and often come with a host of amenities like high-speed internet, communal study and social spaces, cleaning and maintenance, laundry facilities, and sometimes even on-site gyms! Bills are usually bundled into the rent you pay so there are no other housing costs to worry about, making budgeting a breeze. Shared student accommodation like this provides a blend of community living with a bit more independence and is an excellent option for students at any stage of their university journey.

3. Private Houses/Flats

For those craving more independence, renting a private house or flat with friends can be a fun and exciting experience. This option allows you to choose your housemates and gives you a taste of independent living. It’s a popular choice among second and third-year students who have formed friendships and are ready to take the next step in their living arrangements. However, it’s essential to be aware that renting privately requires more self-management and other bills – like your gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and contents insurance – are typically not included in the rent.

Key Things to Consider

When choosing your student accommodation, several key factors will influence your decision:

1. Location

The location of your accommodation can really impact your university experience. Consider the proximity to your university campus, local amenities, public transport links, and all the social venues for your much-needed student entertainment. Living closer to campus can save time and travel costs, but accommodations further afield might offer a different lifestyle or be more budget friendly.

2. Budget


Your budget is about more than just rent. Consider additional costs such as utility bills, internet, and personal expenses. Start by setting a realistic budget, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of living in different areas.

3. Amenities and Facilities

The amenities and room essentials offered by your accommodation can make a big difference in your daily life. Look for features that matter to you, such as high-speed internet, communal spaces (is a pool table or cinema room high on your priorities?), and on-site facilities like laundries and gyms. Check if there’s enough space to relax and study, and really make the most of your time as a student there.

4. Lease Length and Terms


When it comes to the lease, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. This includes familiarising yourself with the length of the lease and what exactly is covered by your rental payments.

Make sure you clarify these details with your landlord or letting agent before signing any agreements and take note of any additional charges mentioned in the lease agreement. This could include fees for parking spaces, maintenance services, or communal amenities such as gyms or swimming pools. Understanding these potential extra costs will help prevent unexpected surprises later on!

5. Safety and Security

The safety of your chosen accommodation is the most important. Look for properties with robust security measures, such as CCTV, secure entry systems, and in some cases, on-site staff. Your peace of mind is invaluable, especially when you’re adapting to a new environment. You’ll often find CCTV and security systems in place in most purpose-built student accommodations, but it’s always worth checking out.

How to Start Your Search

Begin your accommodation search with your university’s accommodation services. They can provide trusted options and valuable support throughout the process. You can also explore reputable online platforms and social media groups dedicated to student accommodation which can be excellent resources but be cautious and do your research to avoid scams.

Making the Right Choice for Yourself

Whenever possible, arrange to view properties in person or virtually to give you a better feel for the space. Use a detailed checklist during viewings to make sure you’re not missing anything, and don’t forget to assess things like room size, Wi-Fi speeds, natural light, and any damp issues.

We know it’s not always possible to view student accommodation if it’s far away from home, so always talk with the landlord or agent so you know what to expect and ask important questions. Don’t be shy to quiz them on everything from house rules to maintenance!

Final Tips and Advice

You’ve got this! Remember, the early bird catches the best digs, so get your search started pronto. Plan well in advance because the best places are in high demand and can get snapped up quickly.

And when it comes to living with others, whether it’s in halls or a shared house, keep an open mind – it’s all part of the uni adventure. Here’s to finding your perfect student pad and making unforgettable memories along the way!

The 9 Best Ways to Manage School Documents

Managing school documents efficiently is crucial for the smooth and secure operation of educational institutions.

From student records to administrative paperwork, the volume of documents can be overwhelming to handle for school staff.

However, with the right strategies and tools, document management can be simplified for anyone responsible in educational organisations.

Discover the ten effective ways to manage school documents faster, safer, and more efficiently in this guide.

1. Digital Transformation


Move away from paper and start digitising documents. This not only saves space but also makes it easier to search and retrieve documents when needed. Consider using eco-friendly tools like EcoPDF, which offer sustainable ways to manage documents electronically, reducing the need for paper and contributing to environmental conservation.

2. Cloud Storage Solutions

After digitising your documents, you need a place to store them safely. Utilise cloud storage services to keep documents secure and accessible from anywhere. This ensures that documents are not lost and can be accessed by authorised personnel at any time from any place, even when staff are working remotely.

3. Document Management Systems (DMS)

Implement a DMS to organise, manage, and track documents throughout their lifecycle. A DMS can help automate workflows and improve efficiency. As a school or organisation, you may be able to get discounts, so make sure to check when considering a DMS partner or tool.

4. Regular Audits and Clean-ups


Schedule regular audits of your document repository to ensure that everything is up-to-date and relevant. This helps in decluttering the system and maintaining order. You can hire a qualified IT professional to support the management of such activities to ensure that all your files and management systems are adequately monitored and maintained.

5. Access Control

Set up proper access controls to ensure that sensitive documents are only accessible to authorised individuals. This is crucial for maintaining privacy and security. Again, it’s best to have a school policy in place for this so that all staff can access sensitive information and documents securely.

6. Training and Support

Provide training for staff on the document management tools and processes. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can manage documents effectively. Your IT expert can take care of this and provide guidance as well as one-to-one support and advice where needed.

7. Backup and Recovery


Have a robust backup and recovery plan in place to prevent data loss in case of unforeseen events. An IT expert is the most suitable person to manage this as they will be entrusted with the management of all IT related activities regarding your organisation, and they will be responsible for the effective management.

8. Collaboration Tools

Use collaboration tools that allow multiple users to work on documents simultaneously, improving teamwork and productivity. Such can be used for collaborations between teachers and students as well as to support collaborations between the school staff.

9. Policy Development

Develop clear policies for document management, including creation, storage, retrieval, archiving, and disposal. It’s vital that all staff and stakeholders are clear about the expectations and procedures involved. Nowadays, you can find a plethora of policy templates online, which you can then just customise for your organisation and requirements.

Closing Thoughts

By implementing the above strategies, schools and educational organisations can ensure that their document management is efficient, secure, and environmentally conscious. Tools like EcoPDF for example can play a significant role in achieving these goals by providing a sustainable and user-friendly platform for managing school documents. Remember, effective document management is key to a successful and secure educational environment.

Top 7 Parental Control Tools to Monitor Kids’ Digital Devices

In today’s digital age, children are growing up surrounded by technology, with smartphones, tablets, and computers becoming integral parts of their lives from a very young age. Also after the COVID phase, every single person has become much more habituated to the use of digital platforms.

Whilst even adults have become victims of digital device traps, children are not spared from these. While these devices offer numerous benefits, they also pose risks, exposing children to inappropriate content, online predators, and excessive screen time. In response to these concerns, parental control tools have emerged as invaluable resources for parents striving to maintain a balance between their children’s digital engagement and their safety and well-being.

Every parent today wishes to protect their kids from the unsuitable content available for their kids and also the addiction that follows. But just as the idea of parental control software sounds like a no-fuss solution, it is actually a whole lot on the plate. Many aspects need to be discovered while selecting the best tool to monitor your kid’s digital devices. Ultimately, the goal is to strike a balance between embracing the opportunities presented by technology and mitigating its potential risks, thereby nurturing a generation of informed and resilient digital natives.

We have highlighted 7 best tools that would help you get parental control over your kid’s digital activities.  The apps have been chosen considering the features, prices, ratings and reviews of each.

Disclaimer – All app details listed are based on the latest information available at the time this post was published. The list contains tools as per their respective ratings and reviews from highest to lowest.

1. Family Link By Google


Google’s Family Link app is designed to help you set ground rules and guide your child’s experience as they explore online. Your child will become part of your Google family group, which you can use to share Google services with your child and up to four other family members. 

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • Allows you to set screen time limits.
  • Approve your child’s downloads and purchases on Google Play and Stadia or limit the visibility of content based on maturity ratings.
  • You can change the content, access and other settings for YouTube experiences.
  • Help your child choose the types of activity that can be saved in their Google Account.
  • See the location of your child’s signed-in and active Android devices.

Price – Free

Ratings and Reviews – 4.5/5 with 3.05M Reviews on Google Play Store

Family link for Android

Family link for IOS

2. Kaspersky Safe Kids


Kaspersky is a flexible app that enables you to protect your children on multiple devices. It is comparatively one of the more affordable parental control apps, with payment plan options to suit various users.

It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.


  • Get alerts about your child’s device if their battery is low.
  • Let your kids view and track rules with the child limit bar.
  • Prevent specific apps and websites from being opened.
  • You know where your kids are 24/7.
  • Prevent device addiction with time-limit controls

Price – Plans starting from £ 23.99*/Yr

Ratings and Reviews – 3.5/5 with 49.2K Reviews on Google Play Store

Kaspersky for Android

Kaspersky for iOS 

3. Kidslox


Kidslox parental control app is the perfect way to manage your family’s screen time.As one of the first multi-platform parental controls, Kidslox gives you control over your family’s device usage. Its new Screen Time Rewards feature encourages your kids to do their homework and household chores!

It is available for all Android, iOS and web platforms.


  • Switch between unrestricted ‘Parent mode’, custom ‘Child mode’ and fully restricted ‘Lockdown mode’ at the touch of a button.
  • You can enable location tracking to make it easier to keep track of your kid’s whereabouts.
  • You can add up to 10 devices.
  • Stop your clever kids from changing the restrictions with a unique Kidslox PIN.
  • Lock your child’s device remotely at any time

Price – Basic plan starts from £2.39/m and the Family plan starts from £3.79/m. To know more click here.

Ratings and Reviews – 4.2/5 with 27.8K reviews on the Google Play Store

Kidslox for Android

Kidslox for iOS

4. MMGuardian


MMGuardian is great for tweens or families with kids needing different levels of monitoring and intervention. It is one of the few parental control apps that actually requires parents to approve all new app downloads. 

MMGuardian supports Android and iOS devices.


  • Alerts you when text messages or web searches are indicative of sexting, cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts and more.
  • Alerts you when pictures on your child’s phone, or sent in an MMS message, are of an adult nature.
  • You can locate your child’s phone on a map.
  • Set up bedtime and school times to control screen time.
  • Block or set up usage limits for apps and games.
  • Lock or Unlock the child’s phone with a simple button press.

Price – Plans starting from £4.50/month

Ratings and Reviews – 4.1/5 with 25.7K Reviews on Google Play Store

MMGuardian for Android 

MMGuardian for iOS

5. Norton Family


Norton Family encourages parents to talk to their children about online safety rather than just spying on their online activities. The company’s approach to parental control emphasises cooperation and open dialogue between parents and children with the House Rules and Request Access features.

It is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices


  • No limit on the number of monitored devices.
  • It is managed from the Family Dashboard, a web portal where you can customise settings and view reports on everything your kids have done recently.
  • Automatically blocks websites by category, based on the level of restriction chosen.
  •  Can check your kid’s location and even filter the list to see where your child was in a specific time range on a particular date.

Price – Subscription starting from £14.99/Yr

Ratings and Reviews – 4.3/5 with 24.9K Reviews on Trustpilot

Norton for Android

Norton for IOS

6. Qustodio


Qustodio, trusted by over 6 million parents, has nearly every feature an anxious parent wants, including robust content-blocking options and a detailed activity log, to keep their kids’ screen time safe and balanced on every device—from one easy-to-use dashboard.

It is compatible with various devices and platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Kindle.


  • It has a comparatively well-designed web interface.
  • There are additional options for blocking unsupported browsers, blocking uncategorised website domains, and forcing Safe Search.
  • It allows you to set daily time limits, which allows you to set a cap on device usage for each day of the week.
  • You can search for apps your child has used across any of their supported devices.
  • You can choose to lock navigation and lock the device when time’s up, which also prevents your child from getting around the block by changing the system time on the device.
  • You can view a timeline of the child’s reported location history pop with up to 30 days of past data.

Price – The basic plan is at £39.95/year and the premium plan is at £69.95/year. To know more click here.

Ratings and Reviews – 3.4/5 with 14.8K Reviews on the Google Play Store

Qustodio for Android

Qustodio for IOS

7. Mobicip


Mobicip allows you to easily manage the websites your child accesses by setting permissions for 15+ predefined content categories. It scans web pages in real-time with the help of advanced AI and machine learning technology.

It is compatible with various devices and platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Kindle.


  • Set limits on how much free time your kids get on their devices.
  • It provides an overview of your child’s device usage including how much time they’ve spent on their device, which websites they’ve visited, what apps they’ve used, and more.
  • Find out where your kids are and where they’ve been recently.
  • Create geo-fences around school or a friend’s home to be alerted when your child reaches the location.
  • You can invite a co-parent or a guardian to manage your family’s digital habits.

Price – Small family plan starts at £4.99/m

Ratings and Reviews – 3.5/5 with 86 Ratings on the Apple Store and 2.4/5  with 2.28K reviews on the Google Play store.

Mobicip for Android

Mobicip for iOS

When deciding which parental control app is right for you, it’s important to first consider what your needs are! Ultimately, the most suitable parental control app depends on the individual needs of the users. But while considering the above parental control apps for kids, remember to be clear about the reasons for the restrictions so that the children understand what you are trying to protect them from.

Let your kid be aware of the dangers on the web why you wish to use these parental controls, and how these would help foster a safe and healthy online environment for them.

If you want us to add a suggestion here based on your experience, please get in touch with us!

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