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10 fast ways of gaining knowledge using the internet

different ways of online learning
The beauty of the internet is that you can learn almost anything you want for free and it’s available at the click of a button. Because the internet has become a global network, connecting all computers, tablets and smartphones everywhere in the world over the...

Improving future education by making budgets go further

Outdoor learning and future education
On 20 June 2019 Lord Agnew spoke at the Festival of Education at Wellington College in Berkshire, England. In his speech, he considered the current state of education in the UK, as well as looking at how far it has come and where it...

Successfully Managing a School Trip

managing a school trip
One of the more daunting parts of being a teacher or school official is managing the ‘school trip.’ No matter whether it’s a visit to the nearest museum for the afternoon or a one-week trip abroad, every visit comes packaged with huge responsibility and...
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